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Have some problems :

Have some problems :

Hello! First of all I have to say I like this forum, people seems really nice and helpful! I have a few question and I hope you guys can answer and help me. :)
I apologise for bad English, but I hope you guys understand.

I’m a 20 years old boy with some penis-problems. A few years ago I found this site, and tried the “newbie routine”. I was unmotivated and quited after a couple months.
Actually I think I got a stretching marks on my penis because of this short period. But now I want to get started again. As I mentioned, I have a some penis-problems.
One of them is the stretching-marks, but I think it’s possible to remove this with laser?

Another problem that has occurred the last months is that my penis has become skewed and bulky, it’s bending to the left side. Maybe this is peyronies disease? What should I do? Is it possible to train it away,
Or do I have to see my GP or go to an urologist. I really don’t want to go to the GP, but I guess I have to..

The other penisproblems is small penis and bad erection. I am 190cm high, and my penis length is about 15cm+ and my girth is 13cm+. Mainly I want to improve the length and get a harder
Erection. Should I just start with the newbie routine again?


15cm is not a small penis, regardless your height. Your penis is starting to bend to left probably because one side of your penis is stronger than the other one. It’s not Peyronie’ disease - do you feel a plaque in your penis? Is it hard on the shorter side even when flaccid? I guess not.

Curve should’nt be a problem, as long as it’s not severe. On the bright side, a developing curve means that your penis is growing, reacting to the PE stimuli.

About the stretch mark, I think you should post a pic, because I can’t figure what you are speaking of.

I went to an urologist and he told me I had peyronies.. He wouldn’t do anything about it now, I was told to just wait 1 year and see whats happening :S

Sometimes it does resolve on its own even without treatment. Hopefully that is the case with your situation.

If you are just starting to get Peyronies then PE might help. It is possible that the jelqing especially will help your body to not collect plaque in your penis. So back to the n00b routine for you!

Your penis, at 6X5”s, is actually a bit larger than average. Sorry about that. ;)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks guys.

I’ve had peyronies for like 9 months or so, it’s not that bad.. But I feel my erection is not that good and the right side of my penis is a bit bulky. I think the injury comes from to much masturbating. I’ve read that jes-extender would help? Should I start doing the newbie routine or buy jes extender? And what about my diet, should I eat healthy and buy zinc to increase my testosterone production. I will post some pics later when I get a camera.

I think I will be starting the newbie routine next week. Should I skip stretching to the left (the peyronies makes the penis bend a little to the left), and just stretch to the right, up and down?

What do you guys suggest?

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