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Have any of you guys tried this clamping jelqing technique

Have any of you guys tried this clamping jelqing technique

So, before I go into the detail of this, I’d like to state that I’ve been PE-ing off and on for a number of years now and I seem to have the proper amount of conditioning to use “advanced” methods.
Seeing how this is a newbie forum I should also state that the “wise men” of this site are COMPLETELY correct when stating that nubes should start out light and work their way up. I for one have gone overboard numerous amounts of times, especially while pumping, in fact, it was my norm to do so. Oh, how many times I pumped consistently around 10 inches of pressure, often times for over an hour all together and often times with the intent to strap a cock ring around my swollen member (doughnut is an understatement) and prance around in bars, stores and dorm rooms in my most showing pants displaying what I had (over)pumped an hour plus to show. Though I did on one occasion develop a painless blister on the head of my member, I have (luckily) never seriously injured myself.

Anyways, I’ve recently taken PE-ing back up, purchased my 2nd (or third?) pump, the first being a Top Gun and this one being a Kaplan. I also purchased the clamps which are now sold individually(Lowes).

In the beginning I mostly jelqed, wet jelqs to be specific and eventually moved to dry jelqing alone. I also stretched a good bit and gained almost 2 inches, though I don’t have exact measurements. Man, I jelqed and tugged like hell and am amazed I didn’t pull the damn thing off!

As I’ve already mouthed off enough, I will get to the point..

So my routines generally consists of major hand stretching, clamping, a little jelqing and pumping.

Say something like this:

Stretching: up, straight out, left, right, down and left, down and right and straight down with emphasis on this stretch. The amount in each direction varies, but major emphasis placed on straight down.

Dry Jelgs and squeezes

Pumping @ 5-8 inches for 10-15 minutes

Clamping for 10-15 minutes.

Most of this can be at random and often is given my preference at the time BUT pumping then clamping are usually a staple. In fact, later in the workout it is usually just the two.

ANYWAYS, with regards to girth gains, I’d like then to come more in the lines of WIDTH gains. In the past I would clamp down, lay my member on a flat surface, like a desk and use something like a dough roller to roll back and forth. However, it RECENTLY occurred to me that, 1: The pressure in my dick was too high and 2: I had been using the clamp in the completely wrong position, as in bolt on the side and not down! Hints the major discomfort.

So, I’m now clamping in the right position and doing clamped bends and the like with far less pressure, and yes, it works better that way!

ANYWAYS, so yesterday I was clamped down and doing bends. I then decided to do some wet jelqs while clamped but wasn’t getting the width expansion I was looking for.SO I DID THIS..

With my hand in the “scissor” position (as in rock, paper, scissors) I put my member in between my index and middle finger. With my other hand I squeezed the tips of my index and middle finger providing adequate pressure. With my member all greased up and clamped I jelqed both ways using this hand position. The results were FANTASTIC. Not only that, it was VERY comfortable! I got the width expansion I was looking for and could go for multiple sets without discomfort.

This hand position reminded me of this contraption I bought years ago that was basically the thing you use to pick hot jars out of pressure cookers with the addition of foam rollers.

Thanks for reading!

The pressure could be too much, stay safe.

I would like to hear whether you end up getting improved results from this.

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