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Have a question for the whole board regarding my brother


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I sure hope to fuck we don’t see an article popping up in Twat’s about some crazy Canadian that butchered his younger brother because he thought the brother had a bigger dick.

I don’t think we will EVER see that.

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Go here:

In the middle of the page is a chart that shows that what you got by 16 is pretty much what you’re gonna get. The survey is self measured so the data is flawed. But if you assume that:

1.) Men mismeasure and exaggerate on average the same at every age

2) There is a significant number of participants at the younger ages to draw a meaningful average

Then you can conclude that there is growth of dicks in the early teens that is done but for less than a quarter inch to the lifetime maximum.

But the guys above have a point. You got to play the hand you’re dealt. So whatever on your brother’s dick. Run your own race.


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