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Has this happened to anyone else

Has this happened to anyone else

What’s going on everyone. This is my first time posting. I started the newbie routine about 2 weeks ago and have seen good progress, but for some reason, my penis’s thickness is becoming uneven. To be specific, the last inch or so right before the glans is thinner than the rest of it, and much thinner than the head. It’s very minimal during a full erection, but most noticeable at between 20-50% erection. It’s really bothering me. Any way to fix this? Any help is much appreciated.


Don’t be concerned about uneven gains at first. In time things usually even out. Dig up my first post here to see how I had a “baseball bat” effect going on in my first months. My base eventually caught up.

I think all newbies should take some extra days off monthly. My reasoning is 1) it won’t hurt anything, 2) it will help if you’ve been doing too much, and 3) you should allow time for any skin swelling or post-session effects to dissipate before taking your “official” measurements. Measure after the days off.

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