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Has there ever been a census of guys vs. girls ideal penis length

Has there ever been a census of guys vs. girls ideal penis length

I’m wondering if anybody ever made a survey of a bunch of each sex asking each side what their ideal penis size. How long guys would like to be (or are) versus how big girls would like them to be.

Anyone know if such a survey was taken?

I know there’s one at — but I’m wary of most of the information there. The site seems to be written by a guy with serious insecurities trying to sell a motivational self-help book.

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I think that PenisSizeDebate’s ideal size is kind of over exaggerated. I found this website to be fairly informative:

Well Endowed Status is stated to be 7.1+” x 5.4+” which seems more realistic than 7.25+” x 6.25”

Remember, he’s talking ideal, not averages.

I’m amazed at how readily dismissed the penissizedebate conclusion regarding ideal cock size is. He may be full of shit, and he may not be- but do we dismiss it simply because his guesstimation of ideal size is so much larger than any other published guesstimation?

Where he really seems to differ is in the girth factor- he puts far more emphasis than any other guesstimation I’ve seen, and yet isn’t he confirmed by much of the experiences of our big girth gainers here?

Maybe he’s full of shit, maybe not- but why not beat even his guesstimate?

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Wow that was pretty interesting.

Wow thank you muttley, that was great =) now I really have to go and do some PE.

That last poll is positively good reason to start doing PE

Start 02/2006: 6.50" BPEL 5.75" NBPEL 5.50" EG

Goal for now: 8.00" BPEL 7.50" NBPEL 6.25" EG

I possibly have missed somewhat discussion in that matter but I don’t know why the penissizedebate guy should be full of shit… anybody care for some enlightening link to an earlier discussion about it on Thunder’s? Would be appreciated very much :)

Anyways, good link muttley. Found that interesting.

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