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Has anyone seen results with Orange Bends

Has anyone seen results with Orange Bends

Months ago I began reading the Orange Bends threads with great interest, but the discussions seemed to have fizzled off.
Has anyone practiced them regularly in their routines? Has anyone noticed gains in length or girth as a result to verify Mr. Orange’s speculations?


BPEL 7.25" Girth 6.00" going for 9" x 7"

Well, I’ll say this, as of right now, I have not gained in sized from using o bends. However, when I do them I do get a nice pump. Correction, sometimes I get a good pump. To be honest I’m not that sure if I am even doing it right most times. I seem to get a good pump from it when I do them in the bathtub for some reason. I’ll have a crazy thick flaccid hang for hours.

I know everyone says to bend, hold, and continue the process towards the glans, but I find myself doing something of a horse 440 while bending. To me that seems to feel more like a workout than bending alone. I have not done an official measure yet, but the last time I did measure, just to see how much of a pump I got immediately after an o bend workout, I was 1/8 of an inch bigger in girth. Didn’t last long though, I live in Chicago and our winters get very cold, making my flaccid really tiny.

But if you get a good workout from doing o bends, and you get a nice pump from them, please post your technique for others to follow. Although this is a popular girth workout, I have learned that not many people even know what the hell they are doing.

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