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Has Anyone Noticed PE Caused Excessive Sensitivity

Has Anyone Noticed PE Caused Excessive Sensitivity

I have tried some stretching and jelq routines in the past and noticed some gains. However my sensitivity became too much and was finding a real problem lasting in bed. Anyone else experienced this?

Nope. Never had an issue man.


Beginning stats 3/2010: BPEL: 6" Flaccid: 3.5" Erect Girth: 5.25

Stats as of 4/2018: BPEL: 8" Flaccid: 6 1/2" Flaccid Girth: 5.25 Erect Girth: 6 5/8"

I do a lot of pumping and use a vacuum based extender and found that my sensitivity has decreased.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

Only noticed unbalance in penis sensitivity when I had abstained from masturbation, it was crazy. Not good for those who seeks sex stamina.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

I could say, it might cause that but I think it is due to increase of libido and sexual appetite in the begining of PE.

Also , many are smoking kegels. I can not highlight this enough. Excessive kegeling, stresses or cramps the PC muscles, which can cause ejaculation without even noticing that you are coming. Like, all is well and bang, one good thrust and that’s it. Game over.

That’s what I think.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.

I am currently ordering a new pump cylinder. Has anyone ever bought from. LA pumps?? They look to be good quality.

I second the kegal theory, I think for many kegals make Pre-E worse and think reverse kegals may be the better solution or possible a combination of both.

Better EQ and arousal will make you quicker as well.

Start 4/25/16 at 5.75 NBPEL, 7 BPEL, 5.25 MEG - 6/7/16 6.2 NBP, 7.3 BPEL, 5.3 MEG - 1st Goal is 7 NBP and 5.5 MEG by end of 2016

I have the sensitivity issue as well, but had not even considered the kegal angle. As I rethink it, it does feel more like it comes on too sudden and not necessarily a hypersensitive issue. It still takes what it used to to get me hard. Not like the wind blows and I sport wood.

I have noticed it, as I started edging while I also started the kegals, stretches and jelqs. The edging was fine at first, I felt like a champ with my control. But a couple months later I am edging and it will hit me hard and fast. As soon as I feel it, I go completely “hands off” to stop it.. But I will go for up to 5 seconds of what feels like dry orgasms and then just blow my load. All while still hands off.

I was thinking I had just lost the ability. Glad I saw this thread. I’ll ease up on the Keg’s a bit.

Watch the kegels.

It’s a good exercise but it must not be abused.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.

I seem to have lost the ability to keep it down. Today, I was edging in the morning and went hands off again. A few seconds of intensity and I blew my load. Tried edging later in the day and got close so I went hands off, exhaled, and when the hot breath hit my dick I blew again.
I laid off the kegals completely and I’m really thinking its sensitivity again. Had sex a few times and was a five pump chump each time.

Before I was heavy on PE I could edge for an hour and bang the wife like a porn star. Can’t put my finger on when but I all of a sudden hit orgasm like a middle school kid.

I don’t really want to quit anything because I am not sure this would be considered negative PI. I have a small but measurable gain and an awesome EQ from PE so stopping anything now seems silly.

It’s a very curious predicament hat I hope goes away on its own. Unless someone can put their finger on it for me.

Feb 2016 BPEL ?NBPEL 6", EG 5.25

May 2016 BPEL 6 3/4", NBPEL 6 3/8, EG 5.25

July 2016 BPEL 7" NBEL 6 1/2, EG 5.5

yes, that happened to me which is why I stopped peing while I was with my x. I think it was part mental me wondering if my dick was bigger… the other is that I usually am sensitive like that- this made me extra sensitive.

If your partner is down… see if you can use the extreme erection to benefit your p.e.

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