All good info. Back to hanging at 5lbs and will work on technique. Funny thing is I did a 20 min hanging session about 20 mins before I did my lady…I was bottoming her out to where it hurt her. Normally my size it perfect to where it doesn’t hurt her but only maybe once in a while I’d hit. Kind strange! I would think some of this is also in your mind. If you feel that you will get big, that might help too. My lady knows I do this stuff to in erase my size. She doesn’t like me doing it tho. She knows it made me feel good to bottom her out cuz I was smiling and almost started laught. I was like “fuck yeah daddy’s here!” Lol

Any way I think girth is the more important one. I’m almost 5 1/2 around so a little above average.

I think what got me started on this whole PE thing is that her and I have talked about all our sexual experiences. Some stuff both of us didn’t like but we knew that if we could say this… Well damn I guess we can trust each other soooo much more. Nothing to hide at all. What go me started with this stuff is about 6 years ago she did a guy that had a dick like Shane desiel, As fat as a coke can and about 8 long. But to my suprise I kill it with her??!!! She has never squirted with anyone before and when she did the first time she didn’t know what the hell happend.

My goal is for 1 inch and I’ll be almost at 8 long.
As far as girth well damn the whole clamping thing can be sooo dangerous… Has anyone got good gains in girth and how?