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Has anyone heard of filling your penis with grease

Has anyone heard of filling your penis with grease

I read a news report recently about a large increase in injuries due to men injecting grease, or Vaseline into there penis to try and increase girth?
The report said that the injuries were rising mainly south eastern parts of Asia, and has been causing serious damage, infection, deformation, and in some cases death. Mainly through injecting too much of these substances, and through allergic reactions!?

Has anyone heard of this? Has anyone tried this? Just wondering if anyone out there has anymore information on this as it seems bizarre to me, and when I looked further into this it led me to stories of people injecting silicone to increase there penis to ridiculous and unusable size?

My main question with this thread is why would someone do this? What would motivate someone to deform there main sexual organ? I’ve also heard of a darker side to this type of penis mutilation were some men have cut there own penis’s in two and even four parts!? I can understand piercing to a point. But cutting your penis in half?? Why why WHY!?

I’m not trying to call anyone else a freak, I’m just trying to understand why? There are thousands of guys out there trying to increase there size and make there penis bigger and better, and yet there’s so many doing the opposite? So what is the motivation for the people wanting to ruin there penis?? Any feedback on this would be great!

(On a lighter note my PEing is going well I’ve seen both girth and length gains!! So soon to be posting before and after pics and measurements!! Keep going people it really works!)

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I’ve heard of a lady doing it to her face but not a penis. Her face ended up extremely deformed.

Check out the silicon injection DRS thread in the main members forum.

ThereĀ“s a creepy story in there.

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Yeah, I also heard of young German men injecting olive oil in their dicks before too.

If anyone has any information on this but don’t want to publicly voice there opinions feel free to private message me! :-)

Current erect girth - 4.92, erect length - 5.7, length when measured from pubic bone - 6.49. Target gains; length - 8.2, width - 6

Sort of defeats the idea of a forum there, dontwanttosay.

The point of this is that we all pool our experience in an anonymous fashion, so we can freely discuss things and the general knowledge base is increased. I’m just saying.

Generally speaking I would be extremely cautious of health professionals injecting my unit, never mind a “do-it-yourself” approach.

The old saying “anything that seems too good to be true probably is” applies here. There really aren’t any short-cuts to PE.

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Thanks for the layman’s term explanation of a forum, though some members may not be comfortable talking about there own experience to many people anonymous or not, though I understand what you mean. I didn’t mean for my original question in this thread to sound like a ‘how to ruin your penis?’ type question. I wanted more to find out what is the motivation behind the people doing this to themselves? Why are the so many people practicing this? And ultimately has society brain washed men that terribly that they believe if there penis isn’t as big as they’d like, they’d risk destroying it in an attempt to solve there size issues? Or are they perhaps destroying it in an attempt to destroy there insecurities?? Anybody have any ideas?

Current erect girth - 4.92, erect length - 5.7, length when measured from pubic bone - 6.49. Target gains; length - 8.2, width - 6

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