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Has Anyone Gotten A Curved Penis From PE?

Has Anyone Gotten A Curved Penis From PE?

It seems odd, but my dick appears to be curving to the left. Never noticed it before, I was always straight as an arrow. Should I stop? It’s just at the top below the head, and it goes in that direction as I get hard.

There are sometimes temporary changes in the shape of the penis. Never heard of anyone developing a permanent curve throough PE. Some got a slight correction in their curve tough.

I was worried because I read about peyronies and how it can happen over night.

I see. Never heard of anyone developing Peyronie’ from PE either. I mean, we have members with Peyronie’ but they had it independently from PE, either had it before or developed after a trauma, often in sexual intercourses. Peyronie’ disease has hereditary causes and traumas have a secondary role, as far as I know. I’m not an urologist, to be clear.

I do not have Peyronie, but my penis does have a slight, natural, upward curve to it. I try to do overhand with my downward wet jelqs to discourage further curvature - I’m not sure if that does anything though.

When I hear about trauma causing Peyronies I get concerned. I’m going to do v stretches in the opposite direction, and keep an eye out for any more curvature. Its pretty common to have a slight bend, I am just concerned about people reporting it as getting worse after PE. I have only found one person who said it did, but my searches never really find any answers, or maybe I just don’t have the patience.

Avoid too intense stretching for now, it could make the curvature worse. Learn how your penis react to PE first. The newbie routine should work nice.

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