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Has anyone found that Jeqling.

Has anyone found that Jeqling.

Anyone found that simply by jelqing, and introducing your penis to all these new sensations and actions that apart from the lovely increase in size, you get a lot more in the way of semi’s. Like my penis size used to vary rapidly, and as flaccid proper flaccid, it was not impressive at all, but recently I’ve been having a lot more of those semi type states, in fact almost every time I check it out it’s in this state. Just wondered if anyone has suffered anything like this? Or has anyone else had any other Jelq related symptoms that are not commonly documented.

(I say suffered I actually love it, nice to have a bigger bulge down.)

Happy Jelqing Boys

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Yeah I’ve noticed that. I’ve been Jelqing for almost 4 months. I also notice that’s usually when I’m up and around like working or walking. When just sitting on the couch watching TV, it goes back to its small 3 inch state.

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