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Has anyone ever tried one of these?

Has anyone ever tried one of these?

Since I cannot post in the general forum, I will post here.

Has anyone tried these kind of devices? If yes, any comments on them? Do they really work ? And is it worth the money ! ..Thanks !

It’s not a pump, so I’m wondering if any of you ever used one of these. Thanks! Link is here

Just a basic stretching device.

Save your money, similar or better results can be made by manual stretching or hanging. If you want, you could make your own stretching device for a few dollars.


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Originally Posted by TheLateShinobi
Just a basic stretching device.

Which just happens to cost about $600-$700.

It is easy to see the attraction RZ, but to help you in making your decision, I posted fairly recently in the Penimasters Unite! thread started by Rambone, on my experience with it. Sorry, I have no idea how to post a link to make it easier to find. It covers other stretching devices also in some depth.

As Shinobi says, it might be better to save yourself some money and make your own, it will certainly be just as comfortable to wear. But see what you think yourself.

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