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Has Anyone Ever Laughed At Your Penis?

I am laughing at my penis even as I type this.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I guess I have been lucky. I am only of normal endowment, and I am much more of a grower.

I have been self conscious about it undressing in the locker room and stuff. I don’t know why, but a hard workout shrivels me right up. Don’t even mention getting out of the pool.

I remember when I was younger, a friend of my wife told us about her boyfriend getting her to give him a BJ while they were playing at the beach on a raft. She talked about how he wasn’t very big to begin with, and the cold water had made even his erection pretty small.

Another time, just a few years ago, my wife was at a hen party. One of the ladies there commented on her husband’s small dick in front of about 20 women. You know every husband heard it. Another woman said her husband was big, but sucks in bed (which is funny, because he also has a rep as a real pussy hound).

That same party they started talking about who had tried anal. Nobody fessed up. One lady had tried it unsuccessfully, another said that she had told her husband she would trade it for a hot tub. I told my wife that the next time that happened, pay attention to the women who didn’t say anything…those are the ones doing it and liking it, they just don’t want to fess up.

BG, your dad must have been a real ass.

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
I mean we do the same when men get together and “bond.” We bash women and tell blonde jokes and all.

I don’t know. Yes, men bash women just as women bash men. But I’ve never said those sorts of things about a woman I’m going out with. I don’t even say them about an ex, unless I’ve grown to hate her. And I can’t recall one incident in which any of my male friends have spoken like that about a woman they were involved with.

My hunch is that this is true for a least a reasonable number of women as well. There are women who have no desire to hurt men that they have feelings for. The women (and men) who do are beyond immature.

Q: Has Anyone Ever Laughed At Your Penis?

A: Yes, but they assured me that they were laughing with my penis, not at it…


Yes actually, one of my buddies while the whole crew were at an amusement park. The washroom urinal was the old school wall one without barriers so anyone could catch a glance of anyone else’s penis. Doesn’t bother me though, while my friend that saw my dick said it was small, and while he happens to be half black/latino, I know he’s not as big as he always claims to be. I’ll say max 0.5 inch above where I currently am. He hooks up with 1 asian girl, gets told his dick is big and now believes it. To an asian female a Q-Tip is large, and I have statistics on my side. The really ironic thing is my group of friends who now believes him are mostly asian, and if it came down to putting up or shutting up, I have a better than 75% chance of being in the top 2. The other being my friend who saw me.

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Never been laughed at. Thank God.

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Women always seem to find my flaccid penis (and flaccid penises in general, I think, since they rarely see them) hilarious. I couldn’t care less.

OH, yes. Mommy laughed. Then I told her I would never fuck her again, and I beat her with a tire iron and bashed in her skull with a 2X12 and cut her up into pieces with my chainsaw and fed her to Leroy my pet alligatore.

(If that doesn’t get me banned I guess nothing will.)


Originally Posted by regularwhiteguy

Were you wearing your watch at the time, RWG?


I posted somewhere else around here a week or so ago how I whipped out my flaccid after some 18 year old kid kept saying he had a nine inch cock. I was drunk and got a big ole wet kiss from this 40 year old hottie after she saw it. Well anyway one of the guys I was with is a poker buddy and starting telling the other poker guys about my cock with the large “helmet”. The other day I am playing poker at the track and go to take a piss and another poker buddy walks in the mens room and looks right at my cock while I am pissing and says “what the hell is that thing” and I said “what are you talking about” and he said “the way Bill made it sound I thought I was gonna see some giant 14” cock” and he smirked and walked away. I was pretty stunned that he would have the balls to look and say something to me about my cock size. His thoughts have taunted me since Saturday when I saw him. Now I have to see him tonite at poker and listen to his wrath about my average dick (I had a 5-5.5” flaccid that day, which isnt average) and I really dont know how to respond.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
They could joke about the husband being bald, fat or lazy, anything but small. The other stuff rolls off us, the “small” is for life.

I see Zanablue is on another channel. Perhaps she will chime in with the ladies perspective on this.

Yes, most women have no clue. Some women do realize and use the knowledge maliciously, but most simply have no idea. Because it’s not that important to us, in general, over a basic minimum.

Sex And The City a perfect case. They had one episode with Samantha falling madly in love with a guy with a micropenis, and she did go on to greener pastures. But there was also an episode with Samantha being with a guy who was too big to fit in, even after she smoked pot, and she ditched him too. But that was Samantha. The episode where every woman in New York was after the same guy was Mr. Pussy, the guy with a pussy-eating fetish. “Charlotte had committed the cardinal sin. She was bogarting Mister Pussy.” Women came up and confronted her in the ladies’ room.

The irony is that the typical female reaction to seeing an enormous penis is a giggle.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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Female Genital Belittlement

Motivated may have a point here. True I sometimes bash women just in general with no direction toward any particular person, especially if I’m around men who are doing this when no ladies are present, and sometimes I even crack jokes about my EXs, especially the last one I lived with who was certifiably insane. But I don’t recall ever stooping so low as to make fun of any woman’s genitalia. Belittling pussy size to them is hitting below the belt. I think to women, knowing or believing they are “TIGHT” is as important to them as it is to us to believe that we are “BIG” in our women’s eyes. I know saying to a woman that some past lover had a tighter pussy would do as much harm to her as her telling some men her EX had a bigger dick.

Even regarding women I hate, (Which are very few considering the number I’ve been with) I have never made nor would I ever make a comment that their pussy was loose or big, that would just be a cruel thing to do even if it were true, and I HAVE seen some big ones, (No Names.) I guess the reason I draw the line with female bashing there is because I equate the “Cow Pussy” comments with penile belittlement. There are just some things that should not be said, ever because they can never be taken back.

Here is a good example, although a little off topic. In Jacqueline Susan’s book “The Sensuous Woman” she talks about women faking orgasms. There are times when it is most definitely appropriate to do this, but a woman should never, NEVER EVER under any circumstance, no matter how mad she gets with her man, admit to faking it. Because the first time she does, he will never believe her again, even when she does have an authentic orgasm. The same goes with genital size belittlement. Once a careless statement is made, especially if it is made to mutual friends, the damage is unlikely to ever be undone, even if the guy makes his dick bigger.

The only way such a disaster could ever be fixed, would be if the man dramatically increased his size with PE and then exposed himself to set the record straight, so to speak, such as the situation with my dad, or a similar situation where member 8-ball, after his enlargement surgery, says he wants to get with a girl now who belittled him in the past. As immature as it may sound, I honestly believe this might very well be the only way to overcome such situations. I often think that exposing myself to my dad now would be immature, but until I do, nothing will ever change the way he remembers my size, or better yet, the way I remember it.

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