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Has anyone else noticed

Has anyone else noticed

I’ve been PEing for the past month and I have noticed acouple of things. Harder erections, more length and some girth. But what has weirded me out, is that the fat pad over my penis looks more toned down. I have been doing kegel exercises and sticking to my routine, but I am trying to figure out the explaination for this. The fat pad kinda pulls in and exposes more length. Is this because of stretching? Length gains?? Or is it just weight loss?? Has anyone else experiend this?

Probably associated with weight loss

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Definitely weight loss. The fat pad is the reason why we use “bone pressed” measurement to measure the true length of the penis.

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Weight loss makes the greatest difference in how you “look” losing your fat pad immediately draws attention to your length. Fast and easy way to get attention from wife/girlfriend.

You look better because you “are” better and definitely healthier.

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