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Has anyone been busted by their partner?


Yeah, I can’t figure out how to tell the wife. If she finds one of my contraptions, I’m busted. I had one idea. She has lost some weight lately, yet she still has the D cups. She keeps telling me she wants a boob reduction and lift. I was thinking the next time she says that, I would say that maybe I should go in for a penis enlargement. Right now I’m 6.75 X 5.5. If she says a little length would be OK, I’ll just tell her I found some manual ways to get it done and see what she says.

Oh and by the way, before anybody asks…yes I am joking, I know penis pills don’t really work. However, I do have another question for you. Perhaps this would be fun in a new thread, but I will go ahead and just post it here. Please don’t forget about the original question of this thread tho:

If there was a penis pill that REALLY did work as advertised…how much would you honestly pay for it? $100, $1,000, monthly payments for the rest of your life?

I think it would be better on a new thread, but I wouldn’t pay anything for it.

I hate pills. Most drugs today don’t require enough testing to tell what long term affects my happen. I know what’ll happen if I just do PE exercises :)

I will post this in a new thread…

Originally Posted by James00
I hate how girls actually think those pills work :/ I’d rather them not think there is any possible way to make it bigger, he he :) My ex’s ex was quite small, as she only had sex with him once in a year-long relationship. Some of us were talking about him and she said, “couldn’t he have just taken some pills?” I didn’t say anything, but seriously, if those things worked every man on earth would be walking around with a 3rd leg.

I think it is not only “okay” to speak up, but it is your duty as PE-er to do so.

When anybody mentions Enzyte, or Vig-RX or any of that stuff it’s important to say in loud, clear voice: “Those things don’t work.”

Because they don’t.

At least not the way the advertising tries to sell us. They do promote blood flow a bit, and they can make you a little hornier over-all (need I point out that most guys don’t need help with this?), and THAT’S IT.

I concede that pills could be useful to someone engaging in PE, but the majority of pre-packaged erection enhancers are based on ‘proprietary blends’ of a group of usual suspects of herbs and Arginine; and they are WAY overpriced.

A little research and you can get better results and save a lot of money.

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time. - Robin Williams (:

Yesterday, out of nowhere, my girlfriend looks at me with this questioning grin and says “is your dick getting bigger?”. She totally caught me completely off guard so I just laughed and said I wish. I have gained a little lately, but enough that she would notice? So later I asked her why she said that and she said that I just seem bigger. So either she believes that, or she found my PE stash! Thought is was funny and a good enough reason to bump this old thread. Tell us your stories!

No new stories?

I’ve never dated a cop.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Not really but a fuckin TV programme come on here on UK soil, and it was about PE, can you believe it, as soon as I start it it comes on the tele.

She sees me whiping or warming or stretching every now and then, but has no idea about the routine.

She asked questions though after the TV prog.

There were guys on there all saying they had 7.5 inches, it was a rugby team, and according to them there wasn’t one guy there with under 7.5, what a croc of shit. They prob more like 5.5 bpel if they were asked to whip down their trousers then watch their faces

And yes I bet a lot of people out there believe that’s the average after watching that.

It was a giant promotion of products from start to finish, Oh and the guy on the TV claimed he gained half an inch in a few days of trying the jelq, it showed him doing it in the shower, and it looked like he was doing it over the glands and way too fast.

I think someone is full of shit.

Shit man, could have really got me caught out if I wasn’t more careful.

Thats pretty good. I was expecting some get some entertaining or funny stories. Come on guys share…SOME of your woman must have noticed that your getting bigger?

As far as my own…I have started to bottom out in a couple of different positions, but she thinks that its her thats changing, not me. Lol! Although she did ask me if I was getting bigger a few weeks ago. ;-)


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