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Has anyone actually fixed a curve

Has anyone actually fixed a curve

After my pe session today I noticed that my curve has become worse. I’m not sure, but if I continue this way
I believe it will get really bad. As I said, do anyone have proof of curing a curve?

And if they have, how did they do it?

whats your curve? how long have you been doing the exercise for? how was it worse today?

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I have same feeling, not sure though. I bought ADS and will try that. At least cock is very straight when streching with that.

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I had a minor curve when I began PE in dec `09.

Now the curve is gone, but there is still a left-leaning bias to my dick that comes from the base.

It seems that the base is thicker slightly on the right side, and I thought that this was caused by uneven hand strength during jelqs and stretches, but I`ve consciously tried different pressures and extra stretches, but nothing seems to alleviate the minor lumpiness on the right side of the base of my dick.

I actually had a slight curve to the right. I fixed it with jelqing to the left with my left hand and straight out with my right. I never went to the right. I was also pumping at the time. I’m guessing it was a combo of both that eventually fixed it.

I then incorporated fulcrum stretching in all directions and it came back with a vengeance :o

So you pumped at the same time as jelking to the left?

Originally Posted by dr.jelk
So you pumped at the same time as jelking to the left?

I did three, ten minute pumping sessions at low pressure (3hg’s) and three, five minute jelqing sessions.

Pump, jelqe, pump, jelqe, pump, jelqe. It’s also worth saying I used an infra-red lamp throughout the whole routine.

Actually I do the same. Ballooning, jelk.etc. But perhaps I should use a little

Less pressure on the Ballooning. Ok good thank you for the tips, I will try this out.

I have also been wondering about whether anyone has corrected a curve or not?

I have a downward curve at the base where I can’t really jelq against it and a point of exit at about 2 o’clock so the end result is my penis points pretty much straight out. I want to correct the curve if possible to make it straight and thus point to 2 o’clock. I avoid stretching or hanging in a downward direction, I go straight out. I try as much as possible to point my penis up in my shorts during the day and when I sleep at night, can’t think of anything else to do. Any advice?

I fixed mine a little bit through normal PEing.

But the point is, that most people couldn’t fix it totally over years of trying.
So I think 1. It’s not possible to fix it completely and 2. It’s not worthwhile to fix it,
Because 90% of all men have one and for woman it’s more stimulating if you are
One of those 90% - that’s proofed.

comparison pictures

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Yeah but aesthetically I don’t like the downward curve even though the end result is that it points almost straight out.

Also standard missionary and some face to face positions are more difficult since I have to hold my erection up closer to my body. For example if the woman was supine on her back and I was laying on top of her penetration can be difficult I almost have to stand with her laying on the bed at the edge, then penetrate, then lean over for a more standard missionary if desired. I guess this isn’t much of a big deal but other face to face positions such as standing with her wrapping her legs around me is a little more difficult. A sitting lotus position is another position, basically any position where my body and hers are very close and parallel to each other is more difficult to penetrate and get a long stroke, perpendicular allows for the easiest penetration. Parallel positions are more intimate since your bodies are so close a straight penis makes this and any position easier.

Anything doggie is easy though and I guess I may stimulate the G-spot better in these positions then an upward curve. It’s not a huge deal but a slightly straighter penis would make things easier that’s all.

Yes ok, a downward curve is another case. I totally agree with you and would try to fix it too, if I would have one.

I even think, it’s might more possible to fix such a curve - you should try the stretch in the attached

Pictures, just erected or min. 70% erected. This could help you after some months.

comparison pictures

"Among the best pics, for sure." commanderblop - thunders

"These are outstanding proof pics!!" going411by7 - pegym

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