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Has anybody done it all?

Has anybody done it all?

Just kinda curious if any vets here have incorparated multiple devices into their PE routine at once. I was just thinking last night if anyone has ever jelqed, clamped, pumped, & worn an ADS all in one routine. I don’t mean simotaneousley of course but if you have then that sounds intense. What kind of results have you seen from this extreme workout? How long before you started doing this type of thing. Finally, what is your routine?

I know some of the vets might not like newbies like myself asking so many questions but I thirst for knowledge. So somebody please fill my cup.

If it helps, last night I decided that it would be a good idea to force as much blood as possible into my penis. So I clamped the base with my hands, only releasing my grip to kegal in more blood. I don’t know if there is a technical term for this. What turned some fun into a disaster was then deciding to jelq all that pressure along to the end of my penis. Again, I am sorry if I’m using the terms incorrectly! It looked great to start with, but I burst a few capillaries doing so. I certainly do not recommend this to anyone!

So I guess that means that I unsuccessfully managed three techniques. Has anyone managed more successfully?


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