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Hardness of the penis.

Hardness of the penis.

Hello guys, I have a question about the penis. When your penis is full erect is your whole penis rock hard or is it just your shaft that really hard. When I’m erect my shaft is rock hard but my head is not that hard. Is it just me or its normal?

It’s normal. The mechanism that makes the shaft hard is different than the one for the head. They are not connected internally, but have separate erectile tissues and blood supplies.

See this.

What can I do to have hard head?

I am interested in knowing that too, the only thing I know to work is to increase PC/BC muscle strength.

The erectile tissue of the glans is not covered by a tunica like the erectile tissue in the corpora cavernosa (CC). As the CC fill with blood, they expand to the limit of the tunica and get harder because of the pressure being contained. Since the glans does not contain pressure, it just swells then returns to normal and in many guys never really gets hard.

Kegel’s exercise can strengthen the bulbocavernosus (BC) muscle (see this) which helps pump blood into the glans. Other than Kegels, there’s not much to be done to make the glans harder.

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See this.

Now that dude has been PEing way too much!!!!!!:(

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