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Hardest boners

Hardest boners

Why are my hardest boners right after I have an intense workout? I figure my dick would be fatigued but if I start to masterbate after these workout it gets so hard. I never have boners that hard. Wish it could always be like that.

Pre-PE: BPEL 6.25" NBPEL 5.8" EG 5.75 " Now: BPEL 7" NBPEL 6.5" EG 5.95"

Final goal: BPEL 7.5" NBPEL 7" EG 6"

Do you do kegels in your workout? It may be due to an increase of your EQ.

Starting Jan 09 - BPEL 6.25' EG 4.5' Currently BPEL 6.81' EG 5'

Goal July 09 - BPEL 7' EG 5.25'

Long Term BPEL 7.5' EG 5.5'


I have noticed the same thing, too. I can always get very good and firm erections, but I often edge after I finish my PE routine and when I do my erections are rock hard. If I squeeze the sides of my erection it hardly has any give to it. I don’t know what the reason is but I’m not complaining!

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When You are ‘pumping iron’ You are also pumping blood. So your blood pressure will increase. Hence harder erections.

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