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Originally Posted by chronostone
Especially funny if he then slips off the toilet, and knocks himself out on the sink. Of course then the paramedics arrive…

wishing- I am not making fun of you, just having fun.

I just bursted out loud in my office!!! That is every PE’rs nightmare scenario. I can see it now,”Man found unconscious with 10 pound weight hanging from his “member”. More at 10pm.

On a serious note,
I am on a deacon break myself. I overdid it and lost some sensitivity and had some dull aches in my ligs. I will be starting back as soon as the dull aches go away. Listen to the Senior members. Pain is not a part of PE. If it hurts, you are doing it wrong. I didn’t listen and now I am losing valuable time. Good luck.

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I have found this to be the case in the first two weeks or so after starting back with the extender. However, at around week three or so, I belive that I get through the initial “trauma” of being under traction force for twelve hours a day and then my erection quality is actually improved from pre-PE. I have been woke up in the night in the past weeks because my erection was so hard, engorged and busting with vascularity that it felt like it was going to rip out of the skin. At week one, I would get about 2/3 hard and when my wife and I would change positions, I would lose my erection. Now, she says that she can really tell a difference in my erection strength. I am currently not jelqing, but when I do, I am larger and thicker and a vag wrecker. Oddly enough though, it cuts back on my anal action because my wife says if it’s too solid, it hurts but if it’s 3/4 it feels like riding space mountain at Disney! Go, mickey go!

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My jelq routine

Take a break and see if your erection level does not rise to the occasion. This is why I think one day on one day off is the best type of schedule for PE. You end up taking less breaks from PE and I think you grow better using this type of schedule. Also grip level watch the grip. If it don’t feel good it ain’t working. PE is a job that your suppose to love not dread. If you hate the routine you may want to reconsider your routine.

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I have had this problem since overtraining a few months ago. I think you might need to reduce on all levels. I find once I can not get spontaneous erections it is time to lay off until I do. Just a thought. I concur once again with Kingpole on 1 day on 1 day off. For sure.

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