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Harder Shooting farther following core-training

Harder Shooting farther following core-training

Hi all,

I just wanted to share something positive that has happened lately, and I haven’t found too much about it with the search function. I was hoping to see if there are any others that have done something similar, and feedback would be great.

Following a car accident when I was T-boned by a man running a red light, I had some back problems and was sent to physiotherapy. During my time at the clinic, I worked on a number of back exercises and recently moved to strengthening my core. With the core exercises such as pelvic lifts with leg extensions, they are similar to pilates and focus on targeting the deeper muscles such as the transverse abdominus (TA) and pelvic floor. You must contract the TA, pelvic floor, and multifidus (sp?) during all the exercises.

By contracting the pelvic floor which is the sling like muscle that wraps around the bottom of the pelvis from the groin to the anus during the exercises, I’ve noticed that I stay harder and shoot farther. I have done kegels before where you contract the BC muscle with hold/release every couple of seconds, but it does not give me improvements like the ones I’ve seen recently.

I believe the difference is that when I hold the different muscles, including the pelvic floor (which is essentially a kegel at the same time), I have to hold it for as long as I can until one of the three muscles discussed above gives out and I have to release and re-contract them to finish a set of exercises. The exercises last for 30 minutes or so, so it is quite intensive on the BC. I went to physiotherapy every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so it gives time for rest in-between.

After doing this for three weeks or so, it’s been great and there are definite PI’s with no negative ones. At first I was afraid it would cause some premature ejaculation, but none so far and I will be monitoring for that. Perhaps this may be something of interest for the people here to try? Any thoughts?


I’ve always been a good ‘squirter’, but I have noticed an improvement when doing intensive core strength work.

I have usually been a dribbler myself, I would love to try these exercises out, Where is a good guide to them? I am up to 1000 kegels before bed at night and I stiil very rarely “shoot”. Thanks

Could you describe the excercises in greater detail?

Kegels have helped my shooting, but age takes its toll as well. I usually have good results by edging, then backing off, a few times.

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Makes sense. Increase strength of the core you get increased pressure on the prostate with the orgasm and shoot farther.

I will post a reply soon with the exercise descriptions, they are hard to explain and doing it wrong is no good for you. I will take some photos and attach them with the descriptions. I will edit the title, the slash in between the harder and shooting farther disappeared.

Note: My personal opinion is that although I think everything helps, the one that helps most is probably the contraction of the pelvic floor and holding it for very extended amounts of time. However, I completely promote whole body health, and these ab exercises, so you should do them anyways :) By the way, before all exercises, I had to do a lot of cardio since it helps to tire out these muscles too. Mine was 15 minutes running, 15 minutes rowing.

Anyways, I spent the first 40 minutes on the following stuff, you will need to master control over the muscles before the exercises can be applied:

1. Contracting the transverse abdominus (TA).

Best done lying down, knees bent 90 degrees, feet flat on the ground. With the index and middle finger on each hand, place them on your hip-bones, then move 1-2 inches towards your centerline, and 1-2 inches down towards your feet. Force yourself to cough, you will notice that the muscles there will momentarily come up.

When we try contracting the TA, we want to control it so it does not come up. In fact, the transverse abdominus is the deep layer of muscles below your rectus abdominus (abs) which holds all the organs and squishy stuff in place, so working this muscle will help “tuck in” the abs as well (they do this for the plank exercise).

Breathe in deeply, and on the exhale, try to relax your abs, but draw the belly button in, like you’re trying to fit into a pair of pants that are too tight. Remember to keep the part near the hip-bones “down” as much as possible. Hold the contraction for as long as you can.

2. Pelvic floor

Similar to a kegel or ballooning. For men, it’s easier to find and contract. Just think of sucking your testicles into your body, or stopping the flow of pee. You may want your anus to contract too, since you wish to contract the entire, sling-like muscle. Try to contract the TA first, then this second.

3. Multifidus

Deep tissue muscle, along the spine. Find it by standing and place the fingers on one hand into the muscles on either side of the lower-back spinal cord, near the hollow of the back. Lift the other arm forward, you will feel this muscle contract automatically. Consciously contracting it without contracting the erector spinae (the large voluntary controlled muscles) is difficult for many. Best to sit down and practice.

Contract the three above muscles in order, TA, pelvic floor, and multifidus. Practice releasing them in the reverse order, one by one, not just letting it all go.

If you can master these, you can probably get going and do it for 30 minutes or so 3 x a week with breaks in between days. To get the same intensity I had, I had to hold all the muscles while doing my exercises, I let go and re contracted when any one of the three muscles gave out. Probably did it for 5-8 minutes, then a minute or two rest between exercise sets. Try to read your own body, if you need longer rest time, then take more time.

Hope this helps,



Following mastery of contracting the muscles, do the following exercises, with the three muscles contracted. When one muscle gives out, stop, relax, take 10 seconds, and start again to complete your set. These are great ab exercises, even if you get nothing out of the PE aspect.


10 reps per set
1 set per exercise


20 reps per set
2 sets per exercise

Attached are photos of each exercise, and are named accordingly. I will present them in order of difficulty; easy -> hard

Supermans (no picture, you can find this exercise online)

Warm up with Pelvic shifts if you are at the gym (no picture):

Sit on a swiss ball, and hands on the hips curl the back and shift the pelvis forward. Do NOT contract the three muscles, just use the abs. Return to initial sitting position, do it 20 times. Side-bend and shift to the left 20x, right 20x.

Pelvic lift:

Contract all three muscles in order, lift hips off ground, keep upper back on the ground, feet flat. Body should be straight.

Pelvic lift with leg lift:

Following a pelvic lift, raise one leg but keep your body as straight as possible, no rolling to one side. Raise and hold it a couple inches off the ground for 5 seconds, then lower it and raise the other leg. That’s 1 rep. If there is rolling, that means one of the sides is weaker, keep practicing.

Pelvic lift with leg lift + extension:

Following the initial leg lift off the ground, move the heels along the ground hovering inches above the ground, until it is straight then hold 5 seconds. Then bring it back and down, then switch to the other leg.

Pelvic lift with leg lift + extension version 2:

Following the initial leg lift off the ground, rotate the lower leg from the knees and extend vertically until your leg is straight and 45 degrees off the ground, hold 5 seconds. Bring the lower leg down, then lower the leg (do the first steps in reverse) and alternate legs.

Roll-up Roll-downs (No photos):

You can find this online. They are super SUPER slow sit-ups - at least 20 seconds per rep. Remember to curl the back as you sit up and go down, don’t over extend the neck, hands are behind the ears, but do not help you get off the floor. Keep the feet flat on the floor at all times if possible. If they are coming up too much, you are tired, and should probably stop. Feel each bone on the spine go off the floor, or getting back onto the floor. Remember to contract the TA, pelvic floor, and multifidus while doing this.

If you are at the gym, you can lie on a semi-circle foam roller. They are like the foam noodles kids play with at the pool, but cut in half lengthwise. If you put your spine on that, the extra instability helps to strengthen the muscles from rolling sideways.

Starting out you may only be able to do very little reps before something gives out. This is normal and just keep practicing. You may want to start slow and just do the first exercises, and work your way to all the exercises over a week or two. If you’re getting good, just do the tough ones but increase rep/sets.

Hope this helps with everybody’s health and PE endeavors.



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What’s with the stripe down the shorts? Are you in the Canadian Army? :)

DirtyMagic: excellent post. I venture that most people are sedentary enough that they would get much long term benefit from additional core work beyond simply increasing load distance.


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Hmmm, I think I’ll try that!

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