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Harder Jelqs vs More Jelqs

Harder Jelqs vs More Jelqs

I know the weight lifting analogies are slightly off since the penis isn’t a muscle, but when I was learning about P.E. I kept hearing stuff about constantly increasing the number of your jelqs in a session. Everything from increase to 200 to 500 per session! I try to keep my jelqing to shower only and if I don’t meet my quota of around 100-200 I dry jelq later in the night..

I just can’t shake this feeling that I should be doing more (dur, don’t over do it) so I was wondering if I could do the whole more weight instead of more reps bit, meaning can I pull harder/jelq with two hands for about 3-5 seconds in place of jelqing more?

Also, is it bad to say.. Jelq in the shower at 6pm.. Then like 1am when everyone is asleep dry jelq and stretch and stuff?

Don’t do it harder, you will probably hurt yourself. Just do more jelqs, or do it at a higher intensity.

I’ve always thought Jelqing in the shower was…. I just don’t wanna do it in there. I wet jelq outside the shower, but I mostly dry jelq and I get a much better pump when I dry jelq. Wet jelqing always builds up fluid when I try. If you can help it, limit jelqing to one session per day, unless one is a girth routine and one is for length, which you could try with wet and dry jelqs.

What do you mean by higher intensity? Oooh, I didn’t mean harder like my penis hardness, I meant my grip on my hand.

Don’t strangle your penis. Your not going to accomplish much that way. If your concentrating more on girth, do it with more blood in the penis. Do more repititions, do not increase the grip on your hand. You can do damage to your penis, like your urethra, if you grip too hard.

Is dry jelqing generally considered better for girth than wet jelqing, or is there no difference? Dry jelqing seems a lot easier/more conveinent.

Also, have you noticed more turkey necking with dry jelqing? I’ve heard that can be an issue.

Guys what’s the limit for sessions per day?? On my final PE career I will have to Jelq for 10 hour in a row?

I’ve been PEing for only about 2 months, and tried jelqing harder and longer (20 min) last week as you indicated. Not good. My dick went numb for about 2 days and I couldn’t hold an erection during sex with my wife- something that has happened only on very rare occasions over the past 10 years! I also developed the infamous red dots along my shaft about 1 inch from the corona (edge of glans). I’m 5 days into my recovery period (no jelqs at all). I’ve regained most of the sensation, the spots are gone, but I’m not quite 100%. Lesson learned. More is better than harder. Better yet, moderation is better than excess!

I usually do about 500-700 each day

AlmaDiedAlone, one isn’t for length or vice versa, although in the back of my mind I always think of dry jelqing as better for girth so i can see where you would say that. The more blood in the penis is what affects the girth the most. I don’t really have a turkey neck, although it’s there, it’s not a problem to me. I would rather have a turkey neck than an unusable penis due to fluis buildup.

Phyriel, after 30 minutes, or even an hour of jelqing for one session, most people move onto different things like clamping. Jelqing helps your penis condition itself for this extreme exercise. I’m focusing more on length right now, because I gain girth very easily. I only do about 10 minutes of jelqing and I stretch for about 30 minutes.

Heheeh thank god springer, I guessed out I will have to jelq for 4 hours on a row.

You will most likely hurt yourself if you jelq harder rather than longer. In my personal experience casual jelqing resulted in no injuries and a great flaccid hang at the end of the session rather than the usual turtling from an intense jelqing session of hard strokes.

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