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Harder erections

Harder erections

Hey, since I’ve started PE a few weeks ago, I’ve already noticed a little bit of growth. However, my erections are also a bit weaker for some reason. Anything I can do to combat this?

What does your routine look like? A loss of EQ usually means that you’re overdoing it.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.


I have the same problem though I started PE 2 and quarter years ago :)

Unlike many other guys, I haven’t experienced any significant improvement in the quality of erection. Which is rather sad. May be it’s because I’ve got more or less decent gains, and it’s now harder for me to keep my tool erected.

6 weeks ago I started kegels. Since then my erections improved, but they are still not strong enough. Not rock hard and not sustainable enough.

Today I go to my doctor to discuss my problems and I am gonna insist on arranging Doppler sonogram (Doppler test) which evaluates blood circulation in the penis. Namely, it shows how good or bad inflows through arteries and outflows outflows through veins. It’s very valuable information to spot where the problem lies and decide what treatment is necessary.

So, my advice is:

1. Kegels. But don’t overtrain as well.

2. If kegels are not effective to resolve all your problems, then go and make Doppler test just to make sure that you don’t have a venous leakage or insufficient arterial blood supply.

If you have a girlfriend, then give her fenugreek, - it could make her boobs bigger and therefore give you harder erections :D

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Cummer, it’s not necessarily a medical condition just because you don’t have Viagra-hard erections all the time. Are you sure you’re not giving yourself too much stress about it?

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Thanks guys, I’ve been doing the newbie routine but I admit that at some times I did not follow it exactly, sometimes jelqing and such when I should be resting. So I think overtraining really may be the problem! Thanks guys

Sir Wally, I don’t exclude that you are absolutely right. Perhaps, I really over-analyzing everything. But I’m sure that my erection, and namely my ability to maintain it, are indeed worse than the average level. And I’m afraid it cannot be explained only by the fact that my dick much bigger than the average one.

BTW, I’ve just returned from my doctor. She’s told me to do a complicated blood test, including profiles of my liver, lipids, testosterone and all the rest.

Yes, may be I’m an alarmist. But to me it’s better to make sure that I don’t have any serious underlying medical conditions (like arteriosclerosis, venous leakage, hormones’ insufficiency, etc), which would dampen my erection level considerably.

Of course, it wasn’t particularly pleasant, when the doctor wrote “erectile dysfunction” in the disease description just because my erections were not sustainable enough. And a couple of other people saw these too harsh IMO words. Not the best words one can hear about oneself. But it’s better to feel little embarrassed and ashamed in a doctor’s room on several occasions and work out what the heck is going on, than repeatedly under-perform and feel similar emotions with ladies.

Maybe my problems are only connected with the decreased sensitivity of my cock because of tight masturbation and a rather tough grip when I jelq. I don’t know. But the most sensible solution in this type of situation (I.e. When you are totally confused and don’t know what causes your problems and how to solve them) - is to gather as much information, including medical info and qualified medical assistance, in order to make more justified judgments.

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