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Harder, better, healthier.

Harder, better, healthier.

Good day !

I have vacation in 2,5months now, and planning to do something positive out of it:
Here are my goals:

-Work out, both cardio and strength
-Good nutrition
-Sleep enough.
-Less alcohol, tobacco
-Work some penile strengthening program!! : Not stretching or try to make the penis bigger but more endurance, and blood flow.
-CUT ALL PORN FOR A MONTH, and afterwards ONLY look at soft-porn(tried this before and I my penis works much better since it takes very little to get me aroused, and I get an erection very easy)
-When masturbate, always stay hard as long as possible, and pump the blood into the penis, (don’t cum before it is 100% necessarily)

So the goals are ready, but I don’t have any good plan for working out my penis.
Are there any of you folks out there who have a good routine I can use??
*Ow often should I “work out”?

Have a Good summer everyone^^ENJOY IT

From personal experience, if what you’re looking for is increased erection quality, i’d recommend incorperating light jelqing and kegels into a routine, with a sufficient warm up of course. Follow the newbie routine with the previous mentioned exercises and you should achieve what goals you have.

What you say about soft porn rings very true in my experience. I find I can perform better in a situation if I don’t rely on porn to stimulate me for my exercises.

Good luck.

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.”

For erection quality, read up on edging (or its dark twinbrother, ballooning ;) ).
Moderate jelqing does wonders, too :)


Do the newbie routine for the upcoming 3 months and start edging.

Kegels and Jelquing. Period.

Get an erection and then put a small towel on the top of it. Then use the muscles at the base of your penis (inside your body) to lift the towel up and down a bit. Do many repetitions of that.

Read up on the other kegel exercises as well. Jelquing (if done right) will produce everything you want. Do them moderately and for 15 to 30 mins. If you get small little red spots, those are small bruises. That means you have squeeze less hard.


Welcome lotto. You have the perfect mind-set for more than just a healthy cock. Any way, here’s the routine you requested: Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine

Happy todger pulling

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