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Hard VeinsClots and Options

Hard VeinsClots and Options

So, I recently discovered A thrombosed(?) vein on the left side of my shaft just below the glands. It’s hard, and relatively small, but I don’t want to continue inflicting damage. I also felt a hard knot at the bulging vein near the base of the penis.

So, I’ve been dedicated to this for three weeks now (despite my join time, I did a lot of reading and I’ll admit, procrastinating), and am starting to see some increase in length and erection quality. If I stop cold turkey won’t my gains completely go away? I’ve read up on this, and all I’ve seen are diffrent people doing different things to fix their hard vein problem, so I’m going to need assistence blending the right plan together.

Do I:

A - Continue PE’ing like normal
B - Continue PE’ing, but only stretch
C - Continue PE’ing, but JELQ very moderately at less erection level for less time
D - Take a regular aspirin
E - Stop PE and only do daily hot wraps
F - Stop everything all together and do no more PE at all until I am completely healed.


Option F, better lose some gains than hurting your penis for good. When you have an injury at your leg, you won’t squat too, would you? No of course not, you let it heal, lose some gains and squat when you are completely recovered.

You could try and take some type of blood thinning like aspirin or stronger, during your break . Also you may find this thread useful:

Eroset’s Vein Oil - for thrombosis and more

Every little thing you do will aid healing, plenty of heating and massaging could also help remove it.

Thanks Hope this helped

Starting Stats: BPEL- 5 2/8" BG- 4 4/8" MSG - 4 4/8" - Jan 2006

Goals: Till Mrs. K, can't take no more. :rear:

Thanks guys. I’ll take some aspirin and apply some heat.

*Puts rice-sock in microwave*


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