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hard veins

hard veins

Hello every body
i do not know what it is caused by, and i don’t think its good fore me. i have been stretching fore 5-6 months now, and clamping 1 month. The thing is that when i am at my maximum, 100%+ erection one of my veins gets hard , not like all of the others, it stands out from the group:)
the hardness can also last after my workout with an erection, when I’m soft. ???
i have been reading around and do see some English words about injuries, but yeah I’m from Norway and therefore i do have a bit difficulty understanding all of it.

would be nice if some one could help me explaining whats my problem , ore not, and what should i do?

Thanks Axl

If it is not painful, red or warm to the touch then it’s probably just a fat vein. If you have no problems with erections (getting them or keeping them) or having sex, then it’s nothing to be concerned with.

ahh ok, thanks. was starting to get a bit worried there. its gone now but bet it is getting back when i put on my ring ……..

If it doesn’t go away even when you’ve gone flaccid I’d worry, but since you said it’s gone now your fine. My veins are rock hard when I clamp, and chill out when I don’t.

Hey Pith
Yeah, the permanent one has gone down now, i do get the one when i use ring fore a long time ore clamp, but as u say that’s normal.
DAMN its nice to see that the penis has grown :) , looks like a porn cock in pictures now.

thanks fore answer

dverak, could you read the Forum Guidelines, please?

sorry, ?

Originally Posted by dverak
sorry, ?

He wants you to capitalize your i’s and the first letter of every sentence, and use proper punctuation and sentence structure.

That’s why this forum is such a great place for picky people like me, who get headaches when it seems like no-one on the internet graduated from elementary school.

These hard veins, sometimes called “guitar-strings”, seem pretty common. I’ve got three different kinds, myself, all on different layers of my penis. All for different reasons. They are alarming, yes, but ultimately harmless.

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