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Hard Tunica

Hard Tunica

I’ve been PE’ing off and on for the last five months, due to over training and a wart removal. After reading through the forum I see that most if not all guys who have gained had a longer BPFSL than their BPEL when they started out.

My BPEL is around 6.0 - 6.25 on a good day, my girth is around 4.75 MSEG and 5.0 BG. For some reason my BPFSL is only about 5” maybe 5.5 even with a warm up.

I’ve brought this up before, and people say how they don’t understand how this is possible, and that I’m measuring wrong, but it’s not rocket science to stretch and measure your dick, I mean really people.

When I stretch at a downward angle I get a much better stretch, as opposed to stretching up or straight out?

Also when I jelq I see expansion above my stroke, but not to the point where it exceeds my erect girth. This is regardless of erection level as well.

Does this mean that I probably have a many layered, or “tough” tunica?

How do I stretch and expand it to achieve length and girth.

Anything is appreciated, thanks fellas


Yeah man check that thread out, I just did a couple hours earlier and a light went on. My BPFSL is about the same as my BPEL, and due to my jelqing experiences I have concluded after reading that that I have a hard tunica and need to work on length, even though I want girth. I’ve started my new routine of stretches and kegels only (both spread out plentiful throughtout the day). I’ll keep everyone posted on how my tunica work goes.

START: 11/18/08: BPEL- 6 1/8 in. (15cm) x EG 4 3/8 in. (11.3cm)

GOAL: 6 1/2 in. X 5 in. By end of Jan '09


What’s your routine look like right now? Maybe we can see if there are any changes that would help.

I do:

5 min warm up
5 min stretching
10 minutes of jelqing
5 min warm up

It’s the newbie routine.

I just don’t understand why my penis isn’t nearly as malleable as everyone elses. In a flaccid state it can barely be stretched, and when I jelq I see hardly any expansion regardless of erection level or the tightness of my grip. My EQ is fne but it hasn’t risen through the roof like hear around the forum.

Also, Rushmore you had claimed to be a hard gainer, what routine did you yield gains from?

I also just measured once again after 2 months of consistent PE and no gains.



You need to get your penis more pliable for workouts to be productive…IN ORDER for your penis to get more pliable, you need to have a couple of days of good workouts. The newbie routine wasn’t enough for me to gain, and after 5 months it doesn’t seem to be enough for you.

The first thing I would do is warm up for a solid 10 minutes with a rice sock. Make it hot enough to last the entire ten minutes…you can put extra layers between the sock and your penis until it cools enough to be against it bare skin.

Then go directly to jelqing. Your stretching may be causing you to get to flaccid and cool down too much for a good jelq session. When you jelq, make sure you see the head and upper shaft expanding with every stroke…make them last at least 3-5 seconds. Use some porn if you are getting too flaccid, I prefer at least 50%. Up the time to 12 minutes, as the first 2 minutes sometimes can be part of the warmup.

Wash of your lubricant with cool/cold water. THIS IS THE END OF THE FIRST PART OF YOUR SPLIT SESSION.

In the evening, do your stretches. At least 10 minutes. You need to feel your penis when stretching and make sure you are grasping internal structures and not just skin. What do you feel when you palpate your shaft during a stretch? Where to you grip? Do this and get back to me.



Also, don’t get worried if your flaccid doesn’t hang heavy right after your workout. It usually takes me a good hour to start to notice the benefits of a good session. You will gain, everyone can. Don’t worry!

Originally Posted by rushmore

The first thing I would do is warm up for a solid 10 minutes with a rice sock. Make it hot enough to last the entire ten minutes…you can put extra layers between the sock and your penis until it cools enough to be against it bare skin.

That’s good advice right there. You get 2 stages of heat, and it keeps the sock hotter for longer because it traps the heat in. Using this method it usually stays warm about 20 mins for me. Also helps prevent burns as you can put additional layers on if it’s still too hot with one. I use face towel which works pretty well.

Thanks for the advice rush, I’ve been wondering if it would be better to split my workout throughout the day.

When I stretch I usually grab about and inch down from the glans and pull anywhere from a 4-6 o’clock level. If I pull straight out I don’t get a good stretch. Also whilst stretching I don’t really feel much to be honest, I mean I feel my dick being pulled, but it’s not like I can really tell if the inner part of my unit is actually stretching.

You’re right it does kind of feel like I might just be pulling skin. I’ve watched the videos on stretching and everything that dude does is way to intense so I don’t pull as hard. I’m too fearful of injury.

I’ll follow your advice I think it’s a great idea.

When I jelq my problem is that my unit becomes sort of hard when coming down from an erection. It becomes more stiff and less malleable even at 50%. But if I massage it for a few seconds it gets spongy again more malleable , why is this?

Also should I cool down after jelqing or stretching?

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