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Hard to maintain an erection during jelqing.

Hard to maintain an erection during jelqing.

I’m finding it hard to maintain my semi-erection without getting hard or flaccid. I’ve no problem with maintaining my erection us-ally (When not PE-ing) but to sit and jelq without getting flaccid is hard. I feel that the problem is that I do my jelqs to slow to be enjoyable to maintain an erection. I’ll probably do 3-5 sec per jelq.

Is this a negative PI?

I’m starting to PE in front of some porn.

I like to do a short kegel between each jelq. It will keep it full of blood. If it gets to hard either stop kegeling or stop jelqing for a minute. If it keeps going limp then look at some porn or stop and get it semi again. If your at the end of your session and your having troubles just keeping it semi then your probably close to over working it. This is just my experience though.

Stand up so you don’t go fully hard and if the erection subsides, presuming you’re wet jelqing then stroke the head abit and carry on jelqing and always kegel.

1)Think of something that turns you on.

2)keep your penis periodically heated

3)No, it’s not a negative PI.

Well i jelq i call a girl and have her talk to me and when i feel im losing arousal i flirt with her haha. She does not know what I am doing though lols!!!

That might be a bit weird for her!!!

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