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hard times to get girth


hard times to get girth


I’ve gained like 0,1 inches in girth in 2 years, now for more like 1 and half months I did not PE at all. I’m not concerned about my length, because its about 7,5 BPEL. (gained more then 0,5) But my dick still looks thin, with 5 inches girth esppecialy from the side.
I ve read here somewhere, that the average ideal size for sex is like 5,5 girth which is my goal, and few girls already told me about,how the thicker is better.

The point is, I’ve never did length exercises, or just a little, I tried both less is more.

What if I need to hit plateau first in my length and then I need to go for girth? anyone has got this issue?

Hi suckerpunch,

I am a hard gainer girth-wise myself. At first I didn’t care since I started with 5.5 already, and now I have a 5.70 penis. However since my lenght has increased I think I should get more girth.

According to Big Girtha, clamping is the solution but it can slow or even stop your length gains. Some others claim that clamping increases length too.

I don’t know your routine but you might as well try clamping.

its funny, I just found the big girtha post, I can try that, nothing to lose, thank you

I’ve been doing a combo of water pumping and clamping which has finally knocked me off my years long girth plateau.

Start: (Aug 2001): 6 1/2 bpel x 4 7/8 mseg

Current: (6/24/14): 7 3/4 bpel (7 nbp) x 5 5/8 mseg. BEG 6 1/4. BPFSL 8 1/8.

Goals: First: 7 1/2 bpel x 5 1/2 mseg ACHIEVED! Current Goal: 7 nbp x 5 3/4 mseg (almost there!)

Do you think that 10 minutes clamping per day is ok? I don’t know how intensive are those exercises.

There’s one way to find out…assuming your penis is conditioned for the abuse. Ah, I see you’ve been doing this for 2 years.

Start: (Aug 2001): 6 1/2 bpel x 4 7/8 mseg

Current: (6/24/14): 7 3/4 bpel (7 nbp) x 5 5/8 mseg. BEG 6 1/4. BPFSL 8 1/8.

Goals: First: 7 1/2 bpel x 5 1/2 mseg ACHIEVED! Current Goal: 7 nbp x 5 3/4 mseg (almost there!)

To each their own penis’
But it is my opinion based upon the results that I have been seeing in a short time, that unless your penis looks beat up after PE then you are not doing it hard enough. There was a period where I wasn’t seeing discoloration or red spots and I discovered that my penis had been conditioned to the pressure stresses that I was using. What did I do? Squeeze/compress harder/longer until I started seeing superficial trauma again and my expansion has started to really take off. Take it to the limit of what your penis can handle and once it is used to those levels, crank up the force.

Lately, my dink looks like it got in a bar fight at the end of each day.

Start: 7/1/14 BPEL 7.25" MEG 4.75"

Current: 10/1/14 BPEL8.2" MEG 5.5" BEG 6" Corona 5.25" EQ=9

I’m a hard girth gainer also. But since I seem to get length easier I just been working on my length goal for now. Let me know if you find a solution.

Not really a signature but a link to a great guide Newbie Routine Steady Progress Chart.

What I’ve noticed is difference between sessions in case of different sleep schedule.

I mean, I read some book about sleeping habits which mentioned that if you go to sleep after 2 AM you’re skipping the most important part of night - which is responsible for recovering mostly - muscles, and your physical body - this part is basically somewhere in between 22:00 PM and 2 AM. After 2 AM you recover your mind.
Another thing which is important for your body is sleeping in total darkness which provides almost doubled creation of melanin which is important for your skin, hair quality and in might affect your ability to see without glasses - I mean the kids which sleeps with light next to their faces tend to have some eyes problems when become youngsters.

So this is the reason why I was out for 1,5 months I found it useless to exercise when I ordinary went to bed at about 1 or 2 AM.

But its just my conclusion, I’m still not able to go to bed before 24 PM so I´m waiting till I repair my sleeping schedule, but I slowly starting with the clamping, I’ve tried it today and it wasn’t unpleasant and neither painful. It has the same effect as hand clamping but without dark spots.

I let you know.

I too have a horrible sleep schedule I rarely fall asleep before 2am.

Not really a signature but a link to a great guide Newbie Routine Steady Progress Chart.

yeah, I don’t know if its the reason, but still, going to sleep at 2 AM is not good at all.

I’ve had 2 weeks of really good sessions once and the time passed… The problem is, I don’t remember what I’ve did. If it was the sleeping habits or something else. I need to research it.

I’d recommend starting with a 3x5 minute routine every other day and see how that works.

First, get a good erection and record your mseg. Then apply your wrap and clamp.

Next measure your mseg as you near the end of your last set. Hopefully you’ll see that your girth is bigger with the clamp on. If it is, you’re on your way to girth gains.

Clamping takes time to learn to do it properly as well as work. Don’t give up too soon!

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Well said Titleist!

That’s the way it goes to achive gains!
We all fail once a while but as long we fight we will get there and win our goal.
Stay strong and don’t give up!!

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!


that sound reasonable, what do you think about routine of clamping with stretching at the end?

I feel your pain. Long ones seem to get longer and fat ones seem to get fatter, which isn’t what most of us want. I think my starting measurements were 7.3 x 5.0, and after a few months of Bathmate last year I was measuring 5.25. Since then I’ve done some pretty serious manual exercises and I’m still at 5.25 girth, no change, but my length is now 8.00. I can’t get much expansion from clamping, so I don’t think I’m a candidate for that. I do feel good expansion from squeezes/uli’s and will continue with those. Like you, I sure would love to gain 1/2 inch of girth.

I can’t see that stretching at the end would be much good, you need to pinch pretty hard to stretch and it just doesn’t make sense to be doing that with your cock engorged. I think it’s a good part of the warm-up.

7.8" BPEL x 5.25" EG

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