Hard nodule on vein in Penis, please help diagnose

Hi guys,

This should probably go in the Injuries sub-forum, but I am unable to post there at this stage.

I started some PE (and at Thunders actually, I since lost my account) about 3 years ago, to what I thought was good effect, and with no obvious detriments. I let it slide for various reasons, and recommenced 1-2 months ago with some stretching and jelqing.

Recently, I noticed a small (‘1.5mm) , hard lump under the skin on the top of the shaft of my penis, over a vein. It is only palpable while fairly erect, not while flacid. Does anyone know what it is, and any prognosis/treatment information? It has not noticeably diminished my EQ, but I would still like to know in case it is a sign of worse things to come. I’m not sure if it is a result of jelqing, or maybe even some vigorous masturbation I’ve done in the past years.

I’m fairly new to posting here, so please let me know if any other information is required. I am hoping some of the more experienced PEers here can instantly recognise what this is, but I understand that may be wishful thinking.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,