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hard jelqings?

hard jelqings?

How hard should I press the fingers around my dick when I do jelqs? The harder the better or should I do it more carefully?

Hard enough to move the blood inside. That’s the point of the exercise, to move the blood from one end to the other under pressure. How hard you squeeze depends on how erect you are (should be somewhere between 50% and 70%) and if you are using one hand to maintain your semi-erect state, using two hands (thumb and fingers only on two sides) or how used to exercise your penis is.

Sorry the answer can’t be more exact, but it depends on many factors.

Hi jaaag

I had the same question and I was told not to grip too hard.
I had been gripping with all the force I could. It leads to lymph
Fluid build up and donuts. Grip just enough to move the blood up
The shaft. Take it easy to start, and as the months go by slowly
Increase the pressure if you feel you aren’t getting results.
Best of luck

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