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Hard Gainer

Hard Gainer

Hi, I used to post here some a couple years ago under the name Silk. I just started back up after a about a year off. Anyway, here is my stats. I am slightly over 7.50 BP and want to get passed that with about an inch growth in length. I am assuming I am close to 6 in girth. I would like to be at 8 NBP in length and maybe a little added girth.

I think I have a low LOT. It is at about the 7 or 8 o’ clock range.

I have resumed jelqing in the shower for about the past month; about 100 strokes per day with a couple days off. ( 100 strokes is all I can get in before the water in the shower gets cold.)

I also like to use a technique where I stretch my penis out under the gland with my right hand and do sorta like a jelq with my left hand. I would like extra girth below the head of my penis. I have a somewhat large gland and would like to fill out below it. Has anyone had success with this method ?? Is it effective at all ??

Also, what sorta stretching should I be doing since I have a low LOT ??
I would like to breakthrough with some gain of some kind. Feel like I have always been in a rut.
Is it harder for someone starting at my size to get gains at all ??

BTW, I also do over 100 kegals everyday.
Thanks for any comments.

If you have no privacy issues (like having to do PE in the shower), I think you would do best extablishing a real program for yourself. Read the Newbie Routines. Even though you are not new to PE, pretend that you are and start fresh, working your way up gradually as you re-condition yourself.

Always start with a warm wrap for several minutes. Try then some flaccid stretches in all directions for a few minutes, then do your jelking - wet jelking if you can, with a lubricant, and adding more strokes each day until you are doing several sets of 100 strokes. Jelking is one of the best exercises for both girth and length. Read through the routines; the ones for newbies offer little risk of injury if you are paying attention to what your cock is telling you.

If you have the time, consider one of the mechanical methods like pumping, which would allow you to combine manual exercises with the passive sort of stretching that occurs during relatively short pump sessions. If you have time to hang, consider that. Lots of guys here have got nice gains that way.

In any case, you will have a better shot at gains if you look at PE as a regular commitment over a long period of months, instead of as something you might do if you have a little time and only here and there.



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