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Hard flaccid

Hard flaccid

I hadn’t PE’d for about 1+ years before this story. I am unsure whether I have a hard flaccid penis, I used to masturbate 1-2 times a day minimum, I then proceeded to abstain for 22 days, somewhere along this abstinence journey I noticed the sensation of a harder flaccid penis, I described it as feeling like my penis had more inside of it that it used to do. After 3 PE sessions with 1 day break after the 2nd session, my penis is very shrivelled and when I squeeze it flaccid it feels very firm and solid inside, I don’t think I have had any injuries, should it be a cause for concern?

Feb 2012 BPEL = 5.5 inch MSEG= 4.5 inch

Goal = 7x5.5

I don’t think so. My dick has had “hard flaccid” for about 10 years now, varying on a daily basis. Sometimes my flaccid feels hard and is shriveled, other times it is long and spongy. I’d recommend not worrying at all about this and letting it get in your head - it will only fuck you up. The dudes who claim to really have hard flaccid experience additional problems such as inability to get an erection under any circumstance, suggesting there is actual some physical damage.

Don’t worry about it chris. It’s called a flatline. Check out for more information.

I don’t know about a harder flaccid, but when I took a week break from PE a month ago, my Rick looked and felt bigger I general. I’m sure it was all mental.

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