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Hard flaccid scares.

Hard flaccid scares.

Hi guys. I’ve been reading lately A LOT about the hard flaccid problem, and it scares the shit out of me.
There are people that want to commit suicide or just lost the will to live, etc. After long research, the theories are pretty much these :

The hard flaccid can be caused either by physical injury (ex. Stretching exercises) or hormonal imbalance. Both ways lead to a hormonal imbalance which produces too much inflammatory prstaglandin E2, which causes the ‘had flaccid’
The process is too long to go into.

So my question here is about streching and hanging. I’ve gained quite a lot from handing in my first month as a newbie, my erections are still rock hard (thank GOD) but I’m extremely scared. Honestly I don’t know how to say it in another way, but I’m afraid that PE might ruin my life if I continue.

Has anyone here had this condition and what would you advice me.. Should I stop hanging , and only do light jelqing 200-250 strokes a day, one day on , one day off.

I’m really scared guys, any word from you would be useful.

Thanks !

Hanging will tend to make your flaccid penis much meatier and healthier. Jelqing you need to be more careful with in order to avoid injury.


Your opinion isn’t really helping. Can someone that’s competent drop a line here ? Please ?

What a douchebag. The guy gave you some advice and you brush him aside like that?

Good luck finding help with that attitude.

Bruna, he didn’t really give me advice. Have you seen the hard flaccid thread ? It’s around 90 pages. Do you think that a one phrase response is sufficient to such an important issue ? I’m here to have a kind conversation with people who know something on the subject.

Peyronies disease

I am guessing you have Peyronies disease. I do myself. Does your penis have a bend in it when erect? I’m not talking about a curve, but a true bend? Has this condition come on relatively fast? Get to a urologist! Fast! This condition can be caused by an injury, maybe from jelqing, or like mine from Rx drug interaction. For more answers , Google Peyronies Disease. This stuff is serious and can lead to permanent impotence. Treatments are available, but don’t wait.

Hope this helps.Dan

Hey Daniel, thanks for the reply. I’m not experiencing any problems at the moment, and I don’t have that kind of bend. I’m fine (for now) but I’m not sure wether I should continue with my routine or with PE at all after looking at all the problems and especially the hard flaccid state (and the Peyronies disease as well). Do you know how you got it ? Was if from jelquing (erect?) ?

It is difficult to say how this happens. The profile is 6% of men get Peyronies and 66% of those are white and between the ages of 45 and 65. I still think you need to see a urologist. The docs think mine came from Rx drug interactions as I am HIV+ and have Parkinson’s. Call your doctor as quickly as you can. Stop all PE until you find out what is happening.

How old are you? Have you had any unusual rough sex? Did you feel anything pop? These are all questions the doctors will and should ask you. Tell them of your PE regiment. The hanging may be helping to counteract a bend, but you need to find out for sure.

You asked if you should quit hanging and only jelq. I told you that jelqing is more dangerous that hanging… Beyond that, you really didn’t ask anything. All you did was give a half-ass explanation for what you think causes hard flaccid, and then asked a dumbass question—which you got a response for. You’re scared because people have gotten hard flaccid penis? If you’re so terrified, then quit doing PE and you’ll be guaranteed to get no injuries. For the record, the hard flaccid doesn’t result from hormonal imbalance; it results from injury. You want to know how to avoid injury? Don’t be an idiot… Take care of yourself and listen to the signals your body provides. If you have minor injuries, let that indicate that you need to back off some. If you are too “incompetent” to figure that out, then you shouldn’t be yanking on your manhood. For the record, I’ve had the hard flaccid problem a couple of times and recovered from it. On top of that, I’ve been doing PE for around 7 years and I have extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of this little hobby. And you’re welcome for taking time out of my day to offer you two thoughtful responses.


Originally Posted by Cook22
Bruna, he didn’t really give me advice. Have you seen the hard flaccid thread ? It’s around 90 pages. Do you think that a one phrase response is sufficient to such an important issue ? I’m here to have a kind conversation with people who know something on the subject.

Then you should read all the 90 pages and post a clear, reasoned question there. Beside that, M_E’ post was on the spot and it is you either not understanding his reply or not being able to explain what are you asking.

Avoid being rude with fellows, it won’t lead you anywhere here.

Well, I was gonna interject something here but after M_E got torn like that I guess I’ll keep my opinion to myself. And congrats M_E for taking the high road and not turning this into a shitty flaming thread.


I’ve read pretty much all of this , and it’s clear that there are also hormonal issues involved in the hard flaccid problem.

@Matutina - Recovering from it is pretty amazing, because I’ve read that a lot and the severe cases still haven’t recovered and are struggling to live their life.I’m not saying this to piss people off or something, but you should give advice to people that are still having the problem.
I’ve got another thread, where I asked people, to help classify the cases, the types of injuries and what caused them. I’m just trying to help myself (as a newbie) to figure out what exercise has the less level of risk and help other in preventing injuries.
Saying be carefull, and listen to your body’s signals isn’t enough. I’ve read cases about people doing the same routine and one day , just like that getting injuried. Don’t you think we are dealing with a serious thing here, and information should be stored in a more structured way, OR at least classify the cases and injuries as close as possible to the real situation ?

Let’s take the willy wonka case, it basically shows us that people are really different and a light exercise can cause severe damage to ones unit. That’s why I’m asking you about such stuff, because you pretty much don’t know if you’re gonna be the next “lucky” one despite taking it slow and listening to your body signals.

My personal opinion on the willy wonka case is that it seems that his unit had a weak vascular system by default(Genetically inherited in some way) and even if he had like anal sex or maybe mastrubated harder, he’d get the condition.
Don’t you guys think that there should be a warning (I know there is one right now) before starting PE ? But a warning that explains the risks that one undertakes with a certain exercise as well as the risk of having in some way a weak vascular system, nerves or whatever it is there that can give you ED with only light jelqing.

I’m just asking questions, making suggestions etc. No need to attack me that I’m a douchebag or something. I’m trying to be specific and help myself and others (I’m a law student, that’s probably I want to put all theese warnings and categorize all the stuff :) )

There is a thread actually, started by Sparkyx, that warns about that. But it is hard to know what can cause the problem. Other people are reporting the problem, they never did any PE. It seems jelq is more dangerous than hanging or using an extender. Vigorous manual stretching can give the hard flaccid for a while, but never heard a permanent problem coming from it.

As a general rule, length exercises are safer than girth-exercises. That’s all we can say right now.

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