Hard Flaccid & CPPS

About over a year ago, I had injured myself with Bathmate and excessive jelqing, by then I developed few trigger points in my pelvis and nothing more. I had not realized that my flaccid was not completely flaccid, I didn’t care though and I continued jelqing daily with this condition I didn’t know I had back then. Thanks to my complete idiocy, my flaccid was shrunken, rock hard 24h per day with constant pain in my pelvis and tension in the surrounding muscles, so I finally stopped jelqing and masturbating back in march 2016.

Till today I have visited five doctors, done trigger point therapy, dry needling, visited two physios, did stretching, bought a foam roller, tennis ball massage, yoga, biokinesis. I tried everything. I have some improvements with mobility and having a softer flaccid than before, but my hard flaccid still persists.

I don’t know to heal this hard flaccid, I don’t know if my mistake jelqing while hard flaccid made this condition permanent.. Is it? I do stretching 1 hour per day, use a foam roller and press tennis ball on my front pelvis to find trigger points.. Yet I have been doing this routine for 3 months and improvement isn’t happening.

I would be very grateful if someone was able to shed some light on this condition of mine and how long does it take to heal hard flaccid?
Thank you before hand.