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Hard Erections

Hard Erections

Yeah I just started PE a while ago to be honest, I’m still kinda skeptical about it

I hear a lot of these guys getting consumed by this stuff when a lot of the times girls are satisfied and excited by what you got, but any how

I started doing PE like a month ago and have noticed some gains, but the thing I’ve notice the most are very hard erections to the point where it’s uncomfortable.

If you know if this is normal please reply, Don’t really want to have erections unless I’m ready to lay it down

Anyhow please let me know whats up

Totally normal. And you need to use the search function before you ask a question like this. You could have used your thread title for a search term and had your question answered by already existing threads. Later.

Alright gotcha will do in the future as soon as I figure out how to do that

Anyhow thanks for the reply

Yes, I think I started a thread on this exact topic. I used to get some very hard erections that were actually quite scary. My usual fear was rolling over on it it and breaking it at night. But that turned out to be an unfounded fear. After awhile they go back to normal, or perhaps you get used to them, but they stop being scary. I think it takes time for your tissues to adjust.

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