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Hard bumps

Hard bumps


I’m new to PE, I’ve been doing it for about a month and a half (Jelqing and simple stretches, more or less the newbie routine), and after that period of time I noticed these bumps, or more like one “line shaped bump” going across my member on it’s upper part just about 0.5 inch before the glans. I can feel it more than see it, and it really “comes out” after a session of jelqing. After I noticed it I stopped the routine, it’s been over a month now and it has reduced in size but is still there.

Has anyone experienced something like this?


Could it be stretch marks ?

Never experienced it myself, but I remember seeing a pic of a guy (possibly not on these forums) who had tons of little bumps that turned out to be ingrown hairs. I believe he got them from masturbating too much.

Does it feel like it’s under the skin or more superficial? Is it a thrombosed vein?

I have it too sometimes. Not always but it seems to be related to PE. Also, it seems to occur on a place where the foreskin is or used to be attached to the shaft, so to speak.

Can’t help you unfortunately, sorry :(

I have three of these in the same area you describe, xcite. They become prominent as an erection builds, then harder as I get hard. They’re probably sections of one vein. Since they’re painless and not inflammed, you can ignore them.



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