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Hard at night!

Hard at night!

Hi all,

I am new here. This is a terrific forum. There are lots of good information, I am glad to found this forum.

I have a question that I always wanted to ask, but don’t where to, so here I am…
Does anyone have a hard or erect penis at night while sleeping???
For some reason my penis get hard every night while sleeping. I was wondering if it mean anything or related to health problem. Can anyone help me explain? Your answer is appreciated.

Turns out having a hard-on at night is perfectly normal. It’s natures way of keeping the penis healthy by circulating blood through it. You are not hard all night long, but something like 6 times per night, but a lot of time it occurs as you are waking so it seems like you are always hard. Anyways, it’s good for you and a sign of good health.

Oh cool. Does a hard penis at night happen to every men though?

Let’s just say it happens to healthy men that go to bed sober.

damn. so its the beer. Good Lord, I thought it was because of my wife. oh well, the beer tastes better.


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