Happy to do PE as much as I want while working

I am finally committed to increase my penis size through PE.

I am fortunate to work at home and I have all the privacy I could have.

I am doing stretching with kegel, jelqing, and hanging at least 3 sessions a day.
And each session, I would probably do for about 1/2 to 1 hour.
I am not feeling any major pain. So I guess the duration is fine for me.

I could stretch and jelq with one hand and work using the other hand.

I have made by own hanger. I did quite a few modifications to make sure
The grip is tight enough but not so tight as to hurt the penis.

While sitting, I would hang my penis using weight.
I am using 1.5 kg weight. I guess I should increase the weight after I fix this
Hanger slipping from penis problem.

This is real fun because I and working plus enlarging my penis at the same time.

I want to increase penis length by 1 inch in 2 months time.
Hope to see the result soon.