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Happy to be here

Happy to be here

I found Thunder’ Place by accident when I saw a picture on another website of a graph charting ideal penis sizes. This lead me to where I eventually ended up here. My first few efforts to join were thwarted because the site was full. I was ecstatic when I was able to join a couple weeks ago. For the past week or so I have just tried to sit back and learn what I can. There is so much here that it can be almost overwhelming. It’s great to find a place where others share the same goals and treat fellow members so well.

So here’s my story. In size I am almost textbook normal. Starting: BPEL: 6-6.25” EG: 5”. I am a grower, not a shower. I don’t have any consistent flaccid measurements as it seems to vary depending on temperature and the underwear I have on. It is in the 4” x 4” range. One of my goals is more flaccid size.

I have never had anyone complain about it, but I know it could be bigger. My wife and I have good if not great sex but she has never had an orgasm without clitoral stimulation, however a few other girls I have been with have. I know the stats say that is not uncommon, but I still wonder if I could change that with some improvements. I also know she has been with a bigger guy and she says she didn’t particularly like it. How much of that was for my ego, I don’t know. My best friend is big. I don’t know his measurements and I won’t ask, but flaccid he is bigger than me erect. The only reason this is an issue is that we spend a lot of time with this couple and have played strip poker as well as done some flashing and shared a hotel room a few times. We don’t swap and don’t plan on it. My wife has made comments about his size, but nothing where she compares us or puts me down. Usually it is more joking amongst all of us about his size. When she first saw him I later commented to her that it’s too bad I couldn’t give her that. She said to me that he wasn’t all that impressive. Again an effort to make me feel better, but if he is not impressive than what the hell is mine? For his birthday she found a book called Penis Pokey. It is hilarious if you have not seen it. You put your penis through an opening in the back of the book and each page has a cartoon drawing. Anyway, that’s beside the point. I can’t help but think that the book was an effort to get him to use it in front of us. Even if it was subconscious.

All this said I don’t want you to get the idea that I am here for her sake alone. In fact she has no idea what I am doing. She has never complained or implied that I am too small. I want this more for me than anything. I want her to joke about me being big and I want her to think of me when she sees a book like that. I do have a picture from it that I will post in another thread.

Sorry for the long post, but this is the only place where I have ever been able to tell this story.

I have started jelqing and manual stretching and try to do it 4-5 times each week. I started with 25 jelqs and 5-10 seconds of stretching. I am now at about 200+ jelqs and 10-20 seconds of stretching in each of 5 directions. The toughest part is finding the time. Morning is good. I was doing it in the shower to begin with but the soap breaks down too quick and my wife is getting ready in the bathroom while I shower so bringing lube or lotion in with me would be tough. Today I did it after my shower, my wife is gone for work by then, but it is taking longer to do and I still have two kids to get ready for school. How do you guys find/make the time for the more advanced routines?

By the way, in about a month of working I measured at just over 6.5” BPEL this morning. An increase of about .25”. That is without a 100% erection too. I think my dick has a little stage fright near the ruler now because it doesn’t want to let me down.

Start: 2/20/08 BPEL: 6.25" Girth: 5.25" (Very Average)

Welcome aboard Jeep! Your starting stats are about right where I started too.

As for orgasm, a larger penis will not provide additional clitoral stimulation for your wife. The clitoris is located above the vagina, not inside it. If you want to stimulate her clit without doing her from behind and using your hand, pick up one of the cockrings with a tickler - some even have a vibrator with them that can provide a buzzing good time for both.

You might also want to pick up Zaneblue’s book…I think it’s called the Multi-orgasmic Diet or something. You can find a link to it in her signature on this site.

Good luck with your journey!

The clitoral orgasms are never a problem. I can give her one orally and manual also works, but we mostly use a little vibe that is the best $10 I could ever spend. She is good for 2+ every time we use it. It’s just takes more work.

There are times where she doesn’t want to necessarily do that much. I want to be able to give her something more for those times. She may never have a vaginal only orgasm, even if I can add some size, but I am willing to try and find out.

Start: 2/20/08 BPEL: 6.25" Girth: 5.25" (Very Average)

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