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Happy and disappointed all at once.

Happy and disappointed all at once.

Well, this is a odd one. Bare with me as I learned quite a bit about how the mind and body works last night. So, the wife and I decided to take a bath together last night. Had some nice bath salts and candles lit. We get out and before you know it, we are going at it fairly intensely. She seemed to be really enjoying it (conversation for another time). We reposition for some doggy action and I noticed she was kinda changing her angle. I asked her of she was ok and she responded “Yeah, you’re just large”. My ego went through the roof. Could my 3 - 4 wks of PE be making that much of a difference? Anyway, she asked to get on top because it would feel better. Here-in lies the evil of one’s mind. Not more than five minutes later, I’m ejaculating. 15 minutes of sex. Lovely. I can usually last 30 - 40 minutes, especially after a shower or bath. Ego my friends can have weird effects. Something I also noticed, my erection was nuts. Much thicker than usual but, not rock hard. Wonder if it had to do with the hot bath?

Upset about ejaculating while having sex? I’m lost on that

Glad you had a good time with your wife though! Hope it keeps up for you. :)

Not entirely. The message I was trying to convey was, her saying what she said to me got me so excited, I couldn’t concentrate on my breathing, or just enjoying the sensations. I was so ecstatic about her feeling like I was large. I am pretty self-conscious so, it was a major boost for my confidence.

I know the feelin. Not only were you more excited, but if you are in fact bigger then she feels tighter, your strokes are longer, and all in all there is more friction. As for lasting longer, well, I doubt you mean that you normally have sex for 30 mins STRAIGHT and this time it was only 15 mins STRAIGHT. If my assumption is correct, then you just need to control yourself long enough to change positions more frequently. I do feel your pain though, seems like for me, I can’t change positions fast enough to keep from cumming. Literally, I can only be inside for like 20 seconds, then I have to change. It kills it for her. My latest problem is that she is really just dying for me f*CK her silly missionary, but just as she is getting going, I have to swap. It really kills the mood. I’m thinking of trying condoms to desensitize a bit.

The danger in experiencing that kind of high from a statement someone makes is you are likely to experience a similar low given a negative statement or your own negative perception of others’ perceptions.

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Exactly! Like I stated - I am pretty self-conscious about certain things, especially my looks and my penis size. I have been told I am large by different woman but, I never believe them. Who really knows if they are being truly authentic. So yes, when I heard that from my wife along with the shift of her back and posterior when I thrusted deeper.. The endorphins and adrenaline kicked up many notches. Had she’d said she couldn’t feel anything, I am sure I would’ve immediately ran and locked myself in the bathroom to engage in some heavy manual stretching/jelging.

Your going to get into the really evil side of that. When you get less sex because your hurting her. I have been there.

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A larger penis means more sensation for you. You can expect to ejaculate more easily the bigger your penis gets. It’s as though you’re making your wife tighter. I had better stamina with a smaller dick, and women were generally more orgasmic with me back then.

Animal - I think we’ll be alright. I just have to be conscientious of what I’m doing when we are in certain positions. It’ll probably be more her on top seeing as how that gives her much more control - .I like it that way so, win win.

Patch - I thought of that too. I’m just in doubt. I really need to take some official measurements. I don’t think 4 weeks of PE would equate to substantial gains but, then again.. I figure the increased size was attributed to the relaxation the bath provided and the high heat around the genitals from the water. Perhaps the combination improved blood flow. I have some other theories as well such as, I haven’t been watching porn and have been edging to achieve erection and purge myself of the “need to see flesh on screen to get hard” syndrome. First things first. I need to get measurements.


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