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HangingClampingBetter results

HangingClampingBetter results

I know more about jelqing and I am happy with my routine. I know some stuff about hanging and nothing about clamping.

I was just Jelqing just the conditioning part of the PEnlargement process getting us ready to move to hanging or clamping?
My goals are getting bigger in my mind, I would like an Inch & a half if I have to be greedy in length and and inch in girth. I know it’s about discipline and dedication & that everyone is different but if I want real results should I move on to a more advanced routine that stretching and jelqing alone cannot give me? Thanks

(By the way, I’m not a fool, I’ve only been consisting PE’ing for about 3 weeks so I won’t go advanced until I’m confident & know what I’m doing, I just wanted to know)


Jelqing is much more than JUST the conditioning part of PE. You can gain a significant amount from it. Some people just do manual stuff like jelqing and stretching without ever going into hanging clamping. I would guess that most fall into this category. So don’t feel like jelquing is just prehabilitaion and rush for clamping/whatever.

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