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Originally Posted by Bxprpapi191
Oh and for a hanger I know it’s nothing big but I’m using a rag wrapped around with a shoelace raped around that, nodded and then I put the weight at the other end and nod it.

It may be “nothing big” but it’s a recipe for permanently damaging your penis.

Check here for some better, safer homemade hangers.

I strongly suggest you read as much as you can in the hanger’s forum before you continue hanging.


I’m sorry but all that is to complicated I’ve seen that before I was thinking about getting the auto-ads you think that will be good? Have you heard about it? And can I place weights on it?

What’s the matter prp, period key not working?

If making a safe hanger is too complicated for you, you can always buy a commercial BibHanger: although I fail to see how two highlighters and a bunch of string can be too complicated for anyone.

Perhaps they do not have highlighter pens in New York? If it’s the string, perhaps one of the members here can put some in an envelope and send it to you. String has been on the market up here in Canada for a few years now, so even I could do that.

Anyway, if you insist on hanging yourself into permanent penile discolouration or impotence, good luck to you, sir.


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How about that auto-ads?

Search bar.

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Originally Posted by Bxprpapi191
How about that auto-ads?

The auto ads is designed to be just what it’s name suggests: an all-day stretcher.

monkeybar has other products available for hanging, and I’ve heard that the vacu-hanger is quite good. I’ve got a commercial Bib & a Wench, myself.

Tell, me, though, prp, you’ve been around here for a while. What kind of gains did you make through manual PE?


Just jelqing on and off since last year if I remember correctly and I mean on and off like months apart I went from 5.2 bone press to 6.2 bone press. I’m just started 2 or 3 days ago again now I’m going to keep up with myself. As you may see my stats are started the 13.


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