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I just started pe and am doin the newbie routine. Is it too early to start thinking about hanging?? I really need some length. I am goin to read up on it more but what do you guys suggest?

Hanging costs time, lots of it. If you live in some strange situation with no privacy it is even harder to accomplish anything than normal PE. Hanging can also cost money with a production bib hanger or starter. Cheaper ways of hanger are available also. So look up the Chicken Choker, Piet’s Hanger, Cappy’s Wench, AFB, etc…….

Have you ever figured the LOT theory out or even heard of it yet?

Welcome aboard too.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Is it too soon to start hanging? I was looking into bibs hangar. I just dont have an idea where to get the equipment. I really havent gotten the jist of LOT yet either.

You can start hanging now if you wanted to. I see no reason not to do so. Personally I would see what size you put on via manual means. You could be one of those super rare guys who like touch their penis with one jelq and it seems to grow overnight. While extremely improbable it is not impossible at all. I would guesstimate a three month period to see if anything is happening via jelqing, etc… alone. Taking that route you keep money in your pocket for a bit and save if you don’t need to hang.

To buy a Bib go here:

Bib’s LOT Theory 101

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Thanks, I will try jelqing and stretching manually for about a month or 2. Thanks for the help.

No problem, if you have any more questions feel free to post again here about them. A second option is to make an affordable hanger in the months to see how it goes. Bib also gave instructions for free on how to make his hanger from household materials. The other hangers I mentioned in my first post in this thread are dirt cheap to make. Like 15 bucks tops. I am sure another member will chime in with a good opinion for you to weigh also besides just mine.

For the hanging can you devote about an hour a day to do so? In complete privacy or having an accepting wife, gf, roommate, etc……? As I said it takes time to get results with hanging.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Yes i can devote an hour a day. I am just confused about the wrapping and what device to use. The bib starter is a little expensive for me right now.

A couple more wrapping threads:
Wrapping Material
Wrapping drawings

Especially check out twats first link.

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