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Hanging Weighs From The Captn's Wench

Hanging Weighs From The Captn's Wench


I am in the process of constructing the Captn’s Wench for hanging purposes and would like to know how to attach weights to it!?
This might seem like a stupid question but am I am fairly new to this and have not found anything on this particular matter on this site..
Also does anyone know where to buy weights to hang from hangers.
Obviously I will have the hanger and just want to get the weights separately.
Alternatively if anyone could tell me of something you could use as a weight that would attache to the Wench that is usually found lying about at home.
Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.

The top loop - below your glans - is used to attach weights. Either get a S-hook or a carabiner.

Weights - go to a gym store, sports shop or similar and buy small weights.

Alternative weights would be water bottles or ½ gallon milk jugs - filled with differing amounts of water. Or a conglomerate of food cans with ductape and string to make loops.

regards, mgus

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For weights you can be very creative…plastic bottles filled with water( use the size according to how much weight you want 2 litres=2 kilogrames), or sand .

Or just buy a normal gym weight set and there you have it! I use that, the weights that can be add-ed and remove. Very easy to use and not much money.

Go to wal-mart in the sporting goods section. They should have a wide selection of Gold’s Gym weights. From 2.5lbs to 45lbs. Though I don’t think you’ll be using the 45. They’re fairly cheap too.

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Are there any walt-marts in London?

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