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Hanging questions

Hanging questions

Ok guys, I’m going to start a hanging routine soon but I need alittle help. I’ve read the FAQ, but I need to hear some info from PE’ers themselves.

1- Whats a good hanging device that a beginner
can use?
2- Does Hanging make me lose any girth?
3- Does hanging make girth bigger all the way
along the penis?
4- Does hanging make my penis healthier?

Sorry for all the questions, but I’m dying to start a routine soon. I really would like some feedback so that I can look forward to gains and new goals.


Welcome aboard!!!

Hey Voltage,

Welcome to the forums.

At the bottom of this and just about every other page are links to more PE info. Check the Product Guide and FAQ on Bib’s site. Tom Hubbard’s site has a lot of good hanger info. And check the PE FAQ/Glossary for further info and directions on building a homemade Bib hanger.

Make sure you read, understand and follow all directions when you start. If you have further questions post them, or do a search in the Hanger’s Forum. Lots of great info about hanging there.

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Hey Voltage!

1 - Id’ first try a Modified BibHanger or an AFB just so you can see whether you like hanging. Thunder has provided information on where to find these. If you think hanging is for you then I’d move straight on to a BibHanger.
2 - No, not usually.
3 - Generally, no. Although you may find there are very slight increases along the shaft usually the girth you get from hanging happens at the base.
4 - No. But, provided you use due care, it won’t make it any less healthy either.

If you plan on hanging, your best option at the moment is to follow Thunder’s advice and read, read, read ….. and then read somemore. The more you know the more likely it is that you will gain. Take it slowly and carefully to start with and remember, no matter what you do, it won’t happen overnight.
Take care!
lil1 :littleguy

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Thanks alot lil12big1, i appreciate it. I’m planning on reading more and more until I feel like I’m 110% ready. Thanks Thunder, the search really answered alot and gave me some good ideas.


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