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Hanging question

Hanging question

I heard that hanging causes you to ejaculate quicker during sex. Can anyone verify this because I really don’t want that to be a bigger problem then it is. If anyone can help id appreciate it.


If you’re new to PE you don’t need to be hanging at this point. The hanging vets will tell you that at least three to four months on conditioning is needed before you begin hanging weights from your dick.


You have been here since April. Going under the assumption that you have been exercising that long, hanging wouldn’t be a bad thing. You might want to start out with a good ADS first. They are cheaper, and who knows, you might not need all that hanging weight. I have been using PE weights for a while now and they still bring me gains — regardless of their low weight.

To answer your question, Chemicon: If you do start hanging, you may or may not ejaculate quicker. It really just depends. Some men kegel a lot while they are hanging, and this sometimes leads to quicker ejaculation. If this is your only fear, then I wouldn’t let it stop you from trying out the hanger. If you do hang, and this does happen, then this will give you an opportunity to explore new aspects of your sex life. You can learn some great ways to withold ejaculation… There are some great books/free websites out there with good information on the subject.

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I’m definitely no newbie I do extensive research on ever exercise I do and I’ve been PEing for about a year. Just recently built a Capt’s Wench a few months ago and have to say I never achieved many gains from manual stretching and jelqing alone, but when jelqing was combined with hanging the gains are coming quicker then ever. I’ve been hanging off and on for about 3 months now just recently getting serious with it this past month and am loving the gains.

For me, the opposite has been true. Hanging (and othe PE methods) require control over your erections and ejaculations. This usually makes you a better (longer) lover.
That is good news on your gains, I am happy for you. I especially noted that hanging and jelqs is working for you. I recently started dry jelqing along with hanging (not at same time) and I am liking the fatigue. I have noticed a 1/8” girth increase like it was just waiting to happen. I have very tough ligs and length has been especially slow for me to gain. Continued good luck on you.


Thank you, and it’s great to hear it’s working positively for someone else. Also I too have very tough ligs (didn’t gain anything in length for about 9 months) Hanging got me the length gains it took me to get in 9 months from manual exercises in about 2 months. So of course this caused me to become very enthusiastic with my workouts recently. Same for you good luck

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