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Hanging Question - Stretching Tunica

Hanging Question - Stretching Tunica

I have a very low LOT (6) and would like to start hanging, which is the best device for stretching the tunica? The Bib Starter or the Penimaster? I have heard that you have to hang at upward angles in order to stretch the tunica, could someone please tell me how would this is done exactly and can it only be done with certain hangers?

Thanks for the help!


Look up a thread called ‘tunica moves and how to do them’, and also in my progress thread (SS4’s progress report) there is a diagram showing how to set up a pulley for effective tunica hanging.

Good Luck

Probably not the penismaster. It simply can’t apply more than a few pounds. The Bib Hanger or Bib Starter are fine and can safely handle a great deal of weight. You should also check out the Captain’s Wench. It’s cheap to make, and many people say it’s particularly good for stretching at upper angles, which are generally used for tunica work.

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Thanks a lot for the help, it is very much appreciated, I was just doing manual v-stretches before but I’m sure using a hanger like in the tunica hanging diagram will help me achieve fatigue much easier. SS4Jelq I was so inspired by your perseverance when reading your post and glad to hear that you finally made some thoroughly deserved gains. ModestoMan thanks for the advice, I will give the Captain’s Wench a go and will probably end up getting a Bib hanger once I’ve got a bit more experience hanging.

Thanks again!

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