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Hanging question - how to wrap with "foreskin"

Hanging question - how to wrap with "foreskin"

Just ordered a bib starter and very eager to get started. I’ve been doing foreskin restoration for more than 2 years now and I’ve gone from ci-2 to ci-5 or 6, basically full flaccid coverage most of the time. My question is about wrapping when you’re in between circ’d and intact.. The guides say to start wrapping at the circ scar, well mine is now 70%-100% down my glans depending on the temperature. Should I just pick a spot on my shaft skin an inch above the glans? Or should I retract some to wrap?

Also, which hanging method should I start with to get my full lig gains since I’m just starting out? I’d like to start sitting at the edge of a chair, torso vertical, and hanging straight down without the chair edge touching my willy or rope & weights. That is a 6’oclock position I believe its called. Is that the best position to start out and get the lig gains?

I’m about 2.75” flaccid, 5.75 erect, 5.25 girth erect. My goal is just a half inch to 3/4”. Girth would be a bonus. So if I can get my lig gains in a year and be done, I’d be ecstatic.


I posted this on the hanging 101 thread, but it doesn’t appear to be active, so I started a new thread.

Unfortunately I cant help you with that man. But you should go to the bibhanger forum.

Some people have succeded hanging with large foreskin. I am also interested in you solving that question since one day I would like to try hanging. bib told me to use one wrap to hold skin back and another to protect the unit. Could you post your reply here or PM me?

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