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Hanging Pumping Clamping together

Hanging Pumping Clamping together

I am a new member to Thunder’s Place, but by no means new to PEing. I’ve been Jelqing on and off for some years (currently at 7 x 5). I want to upgrade from jelqing to more measurable forms of PEing. Clamping (for girth), Hanging (for length) and Pumping have caught my eye. I do plan to ease my way into them. However, I don’t know if starting out on all three would yield as effect results compared to concentrating on one for a few months? I generally PE everyday with Monday and Fridays as rest periods. Also, what is the best order, if I were to start out with all three (I.e. Hang in the morning, Clamp in the afternoon and Pump at night)?

I do want to emphasis that I am easing my way into them and not jumping in over my head.


Welcome. In the past I have always advised folks to separate girth days from length days. The reason for this is if you clamp or pump the post session thickness you get makes it really hard to stretch the tunica and ligs. However, with the advent of a new concept in hanging using vacuum pressure rather than clamps this advice really no longer applies. The new hangers actually combines some of the principals of hanging with benefits of pumping. You might want to look into the new vacuum style hangers. Do a search.

Good Luck

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I think it’s best to seperate length and girth routines. You can just switch after doing a length or girth routine for 2-3 months without the need of any decondition break. It will also be less stressful for your skin. Combining pumping and hanging is not something I would recommand if you’re new to both. Ease your way into a new routine and do overdo it.

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